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Jungle Karma Pizza is a pizza parlor owned by Robert "RJ" James in the city of Ocean Bluff, California. On the second floor of the building is a large living area acting as the base of the Jungle Fury Rangers.


The main area of the downstairs is made up of the main dining area complete with cashier stand and the kitchen at the very back of the building. The kitchen is very ordinary with pizza ovens and the appropriate cooking tools but there is a back door to a street for deliveries (though these are never shown) and a parking area for the delivery vehicles. The second floor is completely occupied by at least five bedrooms and a large living area where RJ is often seen lounging in an armchair in front of an old fashioned TV displaying the action. However, this only occurs in the early episodes prior to becoming the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger after which it was rarely used by anyone except for Fran, and even then only when she has no customers.

Jungle Karma Pizza lacks a Zord bay as Animal Spirits are manifested directly from Morphin Grid energy fused with Solar Morpher technology. A garage is located somewhere in the building that houses the pizza delivery vehicles and the Strike Rider, though said garage is never seen. A tunnel slide is located in the top floor loft that take the Rangers outside the building without having to go through the restaurant front door. To do so, the Rangers snatch up vines and have to Tarzan swing on them into the tunnel slide which takes them out of the building through a back area never shown to the audience.

Vine swing sequence.gif


Sometime after striking out from his father Master Finn as a result of disagreements over what Animal Spirit that he should have, RJ settles down and establishes Jungle Karma Pizza as a source of income. Sometime after this, he meets and hires Fran to act as the cashier whilst he handles the cooking. Tvicon.png TV STORY-One Master Too Many

A few years later, Casey Rhodes, Theo Martin and Lily Chilman arrive after Jarrod accidentally releases Dai Shi from captivity. This is under orders from the late Master Mao to find their new master there to teach them how to combat Dai Shi. Said mentor turns out to be RJ although they don't realize this until he saves them from Camille at which point they become employees. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Welcome to the Jungle

Some months later, RJ and Jarrod's old friend Dominic Hargan arrives in Ocean Bluff for a visit but later becomes the Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger. After destroying Crocovile, he becomes a proper staff member as the delivery driver. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Rhino

At the end of the Final Beast War and after the death of Dai Shi, Casey leaves the Pizzeria for good in order to take Master Mao's place as the head of the Order of the Claw and both Dominic and Fran leave for a world tour. However, Theo and Lily stay behind with RJ to run the business with Flit (now a human after Camile freed him) becoming a new staff member. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury

A Jungle Karma Pizza exists inside the domed city of Corinth. Ziggy & Benny are shown entering and then leaving a Jungle Karma Pizza during Ziggy’s tenure as an employee of the Scorpion Cartel. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Green

Jungle Karma Pizza in RPM




  • Casey Rhodes (resigned to take up teaching position at the Pai Zhua Academy, later became a zookeeper)
  • Dominic Hargan (left on a world tour, unknown if he ever returned to work at the pizzeria)
  • Fran (left on a world tour, unknown if she ever returned to work at the pizzeria)

Behind the Scenes


  • Jungle Karma Pizza was conceived by co-executive producer Bruce Kalish as a parody of typical Power Ranger bases being so futuristic and out of the ordinary like the Animarium from six years earlier. It was intentionally very mundane and ordinary as juxtaposition.
    • It was also conceived like this to visually symbolize RJ's very out there personality.
  • In real life, the entire set for the Jungle Karma Pizzeria was all on the same floor so the production crew set up a fake staircase to give the impression of two floors.


  • Jungle Karma Pizza was one of the only Ranger bases that isn't attacked during the series and the first since the Astro Megaship ten years earlier.
    • If one doesn't count the Megaship however, since it was attacked and destroyed by the Scorpion Stinger during Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Jungle Karma Pizza was the first base in Power Rangers history to never be attacked at any point.

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