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Juken Sentai Gekiranger (獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā, translated as Beast-Fist Squadron Fierce Spirit Ranger) is Toei Company Limited's 31st entry into the Super Sentai franchise. Its theme is that of Kung-Fu with a wild cat and animal motif. Production began on September 29, 2006 with principal photography beginning on October 6, 2006. It premiered on February 18, 2007. It joined Kamen Rider Den-OIcon-crosswiki.png as part of Super Hero Time. On February 17, 2008, it was replaced by Engine Sentai Go-Onger in the Super Hero Time block.

Gekiranger was adapted into the Power Rangers season Power Rangers Jungle Fury, and was dubbed in South Korea as Power Rangers Wild Spirits (파워레인저 와일드스피릿 Pawaleinjeo Waildeuseupilis).

The average ratings of the series was 5.2%.[1]


"Sensing one's beast heart... A kenpou for obtaining beast power... Beast Fist! Beast Fist is split into two opposing schools. One, a Beast Fist of Justice! Fierce Qi Beast Fist Beast Arts! The Other, an evil Beast Fist! Confrontation Beast Fist Aku Gata! Martial artists destined to fight must survive daily for the top. They learn... They change..."
"Sensing one's beast heart... A kenpou for obtaining beast power... Beast Fist! Beast Fist used to be split into two opposing schools. One, a Beast Fist of Justice! Fierce Qi Beast Fist Beast Arts! The Other, an evil Beast Fist! Confrontation Beast Fist Aku Gata! The two schools have returned to being one. The last battle now begins."
―Narrator (last episode)[src]

Four thousand years ago, in China, a form of Kenpo martial arts was developed by ten humans and would become known as the Beast-Fist style. Beast-Fist is a martial art in which one mimics the abilities of animals as well as means of reaching spiritual peace. However, dissent grew among its creators. Three believed that they should use the suffering and hatred harnessed within humans to increase their power, uses their power to assume their monstrous forms, the Three Fist Demons. The other seven believed that the strength should come from within and were forced to fight their former friends, ending the fight with a forbidden technique to seal the Fist Demons' powers at the cost of losing their own human forms in the process, becoming the Fist Sages. Followers of the Fist Sages created the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts school: the Beast-Fist of justice whose sport discipline enhances the human body with the self-produced positive Qi called Fierce Ki. It is taught by Grand Master Sha-Fu, one of the seven Fist Sages, using a sporting goods company named "SCRTC" as a front. The followers of the Three Fist Demons practice the evil form of the Beast-Fist style known as Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata.

By present time, a fallen student from the Fierce Beast-Fist school named Rio leads the Confrontation Beast Fist-style and rebuilds the Confrontation Beast Hall with intention of world domination. Bringing other Confrontation Beast-Fist users back from the dead as kyonshi, he collects Confrontation Ki, Fierce Ki's polar opposite, to revive the Three Fist Demons so that through their teachings, he can become stronger. To fight the new Confrontation Beast Hall, the Fist Sage Sha-Fu had been training two youths: Ran Uzaki and Retsu Fukami. Along with Jan Kandou, a feral boy raised by tigers, the Gekiranger team is formed to save the world from Rio's ambitions.



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Designation Name Actor
GekiRed Jan Kandou Hiroki Suzuki
GekiYellow Ran Uzaki Mina Fukui
GekiBlue Retsu Fukami Manpei Takagi
GekiViolet Gou Fukami Riki Miura
GekiChopper Ken Hisatsu Sotaro Yasuda

Other Heroes

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Rio and Mele in their original forms

Designation Name Actor
Black Lion Rio Rio Hirofumi Araki
Confrontation Beast
Chameleon-Fist Mele
Mele Yuka Hirata

Fist Sages

Animal Name Voice Actor
Caracal Master Sha-Fu Ichirō Nagai
Elephant Master Elehung Kam Po Yū Mizushima
Bat Master Bat Li Shūichi Ikeda
Shark Master Sharkie Chan Hiroya Ishimaru
Gorilla Master Gorrie Yen Ryūzaburō Ōtomo
Penguin Master Michelle Peng Atsuko Tanaka
Gazelle Master Pyon Biao Takeshi Kusao


Other Allies

Kamen Rider Den‑O Sword Form Ryotaro NogamiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Den‑O Rod Form
Kamen Rider Den‑O Ax Form
Kamen Rider Den‑O Gun Form
Kamen Rider Den‑O Wing Form
Kamen Rider Den‑O Liner Form
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Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata


  • Fist Demon Bracelet


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Twin Phantoms

  • Sanyo's Twin Phantoms (37-45)
  • Mele's Twin Phantoms (39-46)
  • Suugu's Twin Phantoms (43 & 44)

Mechung Fu



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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons

Team Cannon



GekiTohja System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux mecha, ➲ carrier mecha

GekiFire System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux mecha, ➲ carrier mecha


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Space Kenpo


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The episodes of this season are referred to as "Lessons" (修行 Shugyō), while all titles include a Japanese onomatopoeia, either being short words repeated twice or, in a couple cases, solo-words that are exclamations but still sound like sounds. The reason why is because of this season's Red, Jan Kandou, having a tendency to speak in this fashion.

  1. Lesson 1: Niki-Niki! Fierce Beast-Fist (修行その1 ニキニキ!激獣拳 Shugyō Sono Ichi: Niki-Niki! Geki Jūken)
  2. Lesson 2: Waki-Waki! Beast-Fist Gattai (修行その2 ワキワキ!獣拳合体 Shugyō Sono Ni: Waki-Waki! Jūken Gattai)
  3. Lesson 3: Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power (修行その3 シオシオ!そうじ力 Shugyō Sono San: Shio-Shio! Sōjiryoku)
  4. Lesson 4: Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom Fists (修行その4 ゾワゾワ!五毒拳 Shugyō Sono Yon: Zowa-Zowa! Godokuken)
  5. Lesson 5: Uja-Uja! What Should I Do? (修行その5 ウジャウジャ!どーすりゃいいの? Shugyō Sono Go: Uja-Uja! Dōsuryaiino?)
  6. Lesson 6: Juwān! …What's That? (修行その6 ジュワーン!って、何? Shugyō Sono Roku: Juwān! 'tte, Nani?)
  7. Lesson 7: Shuba-Shuba Dancing! (修行その7 シュバシュバ踊ろう! Shugyō Sono Nana: Shuba-Shuba Odorō!)
  8. Lesson 8: Koto-Koto… Earnestly Koto-Koto (修行その8 コトコト…ひたすらコトコト Shugyō Sono Hachi: Koto-Koto… Hitasura Koto-Koto)
  9. Lesson 9: The Kena-Kena Woman (修行その9 ケナケナの女 Shugyō Sono Kyū: Kena-Kena no Onna)
  10. Lesson 10: Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand (修行その10 ジャラジャラ襲撃!はじめてのおつかい Shugyō Sono Jū: Jara-Jara Shūgeki! Hajimete no Otsukai)
  11. Lesson 11: Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament (修行その11 ウキャウキャ!獣拳武装 Shugyō Sono Jūichi: Ukya-Ukya! Jūken Busō)
  12. Lesson 12: Zowan-Zowan! Confrontation Beast-Fist, Training Starts (修行その12 ゾワンゾワン!臨獣拳、修行開始 Shugyō Sono Jūni: Zowan-Zowan! Rinjūken, Shugyō Kaishi)
  13. Lesson 13: Shin-Shin! The Spirit's Dance (修行その13 シンシン!精霊の舞い Shugyō Sono Jūsan: Shin-Shin! Seirei no Mai)
  14. Lesson 14: Netsu-Netsu! Forget Your Techniques (修行その14 ネツネツ!技を捨てろ Shugyō Sono Jūyon: Netsu-Netsu! Waza o Sutero)
  15. Lesson 15: Howa-Howa! Mama Work (修行その15 ホワホワ!ママ業 Shugyō Sono Jūgo: Howa-Howa! Mama Gyō)
  16. Lesson 16: Jiri-Jiri! Confrontation Beast Hall, Extra-curricular Class (修行その16 ジリジリ!臨獣殿、課外授業 Shugyō Sono Jūroku: Jiri-Jiri! Rinjūden, Kagai Jugyō)
  17. Lesson 17: Goro-Goro! Teacher and Student Love (修行その17 ゴロゴロ!師弟愛 Shugyō Sono Jūnana: Goro-Goro! Shitei Ai)
  18. Lesson 18: Shakkin-Kīn! The Body is Strong (修行その18 シャッキンキーン!身体、強い Shugyō Sono Jūhachi: Shakkin-Kīn! Karada, Tsuyoi)
  19. Lesson 19: Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio (修行その19 ゴキンゴキン!理央と対決 Shugyō Sono Jūkyū: Gokin-Gokin! Rio to Taiketsu)
  20. Lesson 20: Gicho-Gicho! Triangle Opposing Fight (修行その20 ギチョギチョ!トライアングル対抗戦 Shugyō Sono Nijū: Gicho-Gicho! Toraianguru Taikō Sen)
  21. Lesson 21: Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Kageki in Extreme Ki (修行その21 ビキビキビキビキ!カゲキに過激気 Shugyō Sono Nijūichi: Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Kageki ni Kageki)
  22. Lesson 22: Kyui-Kyui! Date with a Celebrity (修行その22 キュイキュイ!セレブとデート Shugyō Sono Nijūni: Kyui-Kyui! Serebu to Dēto)
  23. Lesson 23: Gure-Gure! Gure-Gure! Sukeban Captain (修行その23 グレグレ!スケ番キャプテン Shugyō Sono Nijūsan: Gure-Gure! Sukeban Kyaputen)
  24. Lesson 24: Garu-Garu! What!? You're my Younger Brother!? (修行その24 ガルガル!なんてこった、弟が!? Shugyō Sono Nijūyon: Garu-Garu! Nante Kotta Otōto ga!?)
  25. Lesson 25: Hine-Hine! Shigeki is Mine Alone (修行その25 ヒネヒネ!俺だけの紫激気 Shugyō Sono Nijūgo: Hine-Hine! Ore Dake no Shigeki)
  26. Lesson 26: Mohe-Mohe! Consult Your Worries (修行その26 モヘモヘ!お悩み相談 Shugyō Sono Nijūroku: Mohe-Mohe! Onayami Sōdan)
  27. Lesson 27: Beran-Beran. Burning Play-by Play (修行その27 ベランベラン!燃えよ実況 Shugyō Sono Nijūnana: Beran-Beran! Moeyo Jikkyō)
  28. Lesson 28: Bishi-Bishi Pikeen Osu! (修行その28 ビシビシピキーン押忍! Shugyō Sono Nijūhachi Bishi-Bishi Pikīn Osu!)
  29. Lesson 29: Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping (修行その29 グダグダヘレヘレ!ショッピング Shugyō Sono Nijūkyū: Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shoppingu)
  30. Lesson 30: The Sei-Sei de Dou-dou Woman (修行その30 セイセイでドウドウな女 Shugyō Sono Sanjū: Sei-Sei de Dō-Dō na On'na)
  31. Lesson 31: We Muni-Muni! (修行その31 俺たちムニムニ! Shugyō Sono Sanjūichi: Ore-tachi Muni-Muni!)
  32. Lesson 32: Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village (修行その32 ゾワンギゾワンゴ!集結、獣源郷 Shugyō Sono Sanjūni: Zowangi-Zowango! Shūketsu, Jūgenkyō)
  33. Lesson 33: Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chūshingura (修行その33 フレフレガッチリ!カンフー忠臣蔵 Shugyō Sono Sanjūsan: Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kanfū Chūshingura)
  34. Lesson 34: Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Beast Fist Giant God, Comes (修行その34 ゴワンゴワンのダインダイン!獣拳巨神、見参 Shugyō Sono Sanjūyon: Gowan-Gowan no Dain-Dain! Jūken Kyojin, Kenzan)
  35. Lesson 35: Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Blooming (修行その35 ギュオンギュオン!獣力開花 Shugyō Sono Sanjūgo: Gyuon-Gyuon! Jūriki Kaika)
  36. Lesson 36: Mukyu-Mukyu! The Three Phantom Thief Sisters (修行その36 ムキュムキュ!怪盗三姉妹 Shugyō Sono Sanjūroku: Mukyu-Mukyu! Kaitō San Shimai)
  37. Lesson 37: Gyan-Gyan! Useless Arranged Marriage Discussion (修行その37 ギャンギャン!お見合い問答無用 Shugyō Sono Sanjūnana: Gyan-Gyan! Omiai Mondō Muyō)
  38. Lesson 38: Biba-Biba! Another Retsu (修行その38 ビバビバ!もう一人のレツ Shugyō Sono Sanjūhachi: Biba-Biba! Mō Hitori no Retsu)
  39. Lesson 39: Uro-Uro! The Children Don't Return (修行その39 ウロウロ!帰らない子供たち Shugyō Sono Sanjūkyū: Uro-Uro! Kaera Nai Kodomo-tachi)
  40. Lesson 40: Head goes Bakān! The Shock of the Truth (修行その40 頭、バカーン!衝撃の事実 Shugyō Sono Yonjū: Atama, Bakān! Shōgeki no Jijitsu)
  41. Lesson 41: Zushi-Zushi! No More (修行その41 ズシズシ!もうやだ Shugyō Sono Yonjūichi: Zushi-Zushi! Mō Yada)
  42. Lesson 42: Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On! (修行その42 ワッシワッシで乗り越えろ! Shugyō Sono Yonjūni: Wasshi-Wasshi de Norikoero)
  43. Lesson 43: Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu (修行その43 ハピハピ!メリークリスマス、押忍 Shugyo Sono Yonjūsan: Hapi-Hapi! Merī Kurisumasu, Osu)
  44. Lesson 44: Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody (修行その44 ワフワフ!父ちゃんのメロディ Shugyō Sono Yonjūyon: Wafu-Wafu! Tōchan no Merodi)
  45. Lesson 45: Pikīn! Destined Confrontations (修行その45 ピキーン!宿命の対決 Shugyō Sono Yonjūgo: Pikīn! Shukumei no Taiketsu)
  46. Lesson 46: Gyawa-Gyawa Memories (修行その46 ギャワギャワの記憶 Shugyō Sono Yonjūroku: Gyawa-Gyawa no Kioku)
  47. Lesson 47: Pika-Pika! My Path (修行その47 ピカピカ!俺の道 Shugyō Sono Yonjūnana: Pika-Pika! Ore no Michi)
  48. Lesson 48: Saba-Saba! And Now, Judgement Fist (修行その48 サバサバ!いざ拳断 Shugyō Sono Yonjūhachi: Saba-Saba! Iza Ken Dan)
  49. Final Lesson: Zun-Zun! The Beast-Fist, for All Time... (修行そのファイナル ズンズン!獣拳は, ずっと... Shugyō Sono Fainaru: Zun Zun! Jūken wa, zutto...)


  1. Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Gyun-Gyun! Fist Sage Great Athletic Meet (獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャーギュンギュン!拳聖大運動会 ūken Sentai Gekirenjā Gyun-Gyun! Kensei Daiundōkai)


  1. Jūken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hō-Hō! Hong Kong Great Deciding Match (電影版 獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー ネイネイ!ホウホウ!香港大決戦 Den'eiban Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā Nei-Nei! Hō-Hō! Honkon Daikessen)
  2. Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger (獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー VS ボウケンジャー Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā Basu Bōkenjā)
  3. Engine Sentai Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger (炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャーVSゲキレンジャー Enjin Sentai Gōonjā tai Gekirenjā)


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Opening theme
  • "Juken Sentai Gekiranger" (獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā)
    • Artist: Takayoshi Tanimoto (谷本 貴義 Tanimoto Takayoshi)
    • Lyrics: Neko Oikawa (及川 眠子 Oikawa Neko)
    • Composition: Takafumi Iwasaki (岩崎 貴文 Iwasaki Takafumi)
    • Arrangement: Seiichi Kyoda (京田 誠一 Kyōda Seiichi)
    • Chorus: Young Fresh (ヤング・フレッシュ Yangu Furesshu)
Ending theme
  • "Tao" (道(タオ) Tao, "Path")
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki (水木一郎 Mizuki Ichirō)
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi (藤林 聖子 Fujibayashi Shōko)
    • Composition: Katsuki Maeda (前田 克樹 Maeda Katsuki)
    • Arrangement: Kazunori Miyake (三宅 一徳 Miyake Kazunori)
    • Chorus: Young Fresh (ヤング・フレッシュ Yangu Furesshu)
Insert theme
  • "Just Feel It ~Ashita No Tame Ni" (Just feel it 〜明日のために〜 Just Fīru It 〜Ashita no Tameni〜, "Just feel it ~For Tomorrow~")
    • Artist: Sister MAYO
    • Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude (八手 三郎 Yatsude Saburo)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Jack Den Yooru (ジャック・伝ヨール Jakku Denyōru)
      • Inserted in episode 8
  • "Takami no Sora e" (高みの空へ Takami no Sora e, "High Up to the Sky")
    • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement & Artist: Takayoshi Tanimoto (谷本 貴義 Tanimoto Takayoshi)
    • Inserted into episodes 11, 14 & 18
  • "Kageki!" (過激気!)
    • Artist: MIQ
    • Lyrics: Neko Oikawa (及川 眠子 Oikawa Neko)
    • Composition: Takafumi Iwasaki (岩崎 貴文 Iwasaki Takafumi)
    • Arrangement: Seiichi Kyoda (京田 誠一 Kyōda Seiichi)
      • Inserted into episodes 21 & 35
  • "Osu! GekiChopper!" (押忍! ゲキチョッパー! Osu! Gekichoppā!)
    • Artist: Akira Kushida (串田 アキラ Kushida Akira)
    • Lyrics: Shoko Fujibayashi (藤林 聖子 Fujibayashi Shōko)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Jack Den Yooru (ジャック・伝ヨール Jakku Denyōru)
      • Inserted in episode 43
  • "Burning Up! ~Jounetsu Wo Uketsuide~" (Burning up! 〜情熱を受け継いで〜 Burning up! 〜Jōnetsu o Uketsuide〜, Burning up! ~Inheriting a Passion~)
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki (水木 一郎 Mizuki Ichirō) with Takayoshi Tanimoto (谷本 貴義 Tanimoto Takayoshi)
    • Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement: Tanimoto Takayoshi
      • Inserted in episode 47
Character songs

Beginning with Lesson 39 and ending with Lesson 45, the Character Songs replaced the Jūken Academy segments and "Tao" as the ending theme. The Juken Sentai Gekiranger Character Song Album was released on December 19, 2007, and includes the following songs and karaoke versions of each song.

  • "Run"
    • Artist & Lyrics: Ran Uzaki (GekiYellow) / Mina Fukui (福井 未菜 Fukui Mina)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Tetsuya Muramatsu (ムラマツ テツヤ Muramatsu Tetsuya)


Voice actors

Suit Actors

Stage Show


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  • This is the last Sentai to not feature a Sixth Ranger in the team.
  • This the first Sentai to not have belts on the suits.
  • This the first Sentai season not to have Mecha themes.

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