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"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Fusion! GekiTohja, burning up!"
―Combination announcement[src]

The Beast-Fist Giant GekiTouhja (獣拳巨人ゲキトージャ Jūken Kyojin Geki Tōja, "Tohja" being a portmanteau of "fierce fighting" (激闘 Gekitō) and "Monarch" (王者 Ōja) so the full name is Beast-Fist Fusion Fierce Fighting Monarch) is the combination of the three Gekirangers' spirits as GekiBeasts. While it lacks any blast or projectile weapons, it is extremely agile and is able to rapidly spin either its upper or lower body to perform a variety of martial-arts themed finishers. It's most common formation is with the GekiTiger as it's head, torso, and arms while the GekiCheetah and GekiJaguar form the legs.  Its main weapon is a bo staff/sansetsukon (three-sectioned staff) called "Gekisetsukon" (ゲキセツコン Gekisetsukon) formed from the tails of the three primary Gekibeasts. Its suit actor was Hirofumi Fukuzawa.

Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja Wolf

"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiTohja Wolf, burning up!"
―Combination announcement[src]

As an alternate combination, GekiWolf can replace the GekiCheetah as the right leg to form Beast Fist Giant GekiTohja Wolf. In this form, GekiWolf's bladed tail is mounted on GekiTohja's right knee, greatly augmenting its kicking attacks. Even without the others, Gou (GekiViolet) is able to summon his own version of GekiTiger and Jaguar, enabling him to form and pilot GekiTohja Wolf all by himself and allowing GekiTohja Wolf to double or even triple-team giant opponents alongside GekiFire and/or SaiDaiOh.


The GekiBeasts (ゲキビースト GekiBīsuto) are the animal-themed mecha used by the Gekirangers. In normal combat, the GekiBeasts can be summoned as aura projections to aid the GekiRangers in fighting Rinshi and Rinrinshi. Should a Rinrinshi utilize Jashin Gōten Hen ringi to grow giant, the Gekirangers can materialize their GekiBeasts into giant physical form using "Twice-Twice Clone Fist" Gekiwaza and then merging with it to control it. After mastering a fighting style learned from any of the GekiJuken Fist Sages, the Gekirangers are able to summon additional GekiBeasts modeled after their training with the "Come-Come Beast" Gekiwaza.


GekiTiger is GekiRed's GekiBeast which forms the torso, head and arms of GekiTohja. It uses its immense physical strength to tackle and knock enemies aside.


GekiCheetah is GekiYellow's GekiBeast that forms the left leg of GekiTohja. It utilizes its high speed to attack opponents from multiple angles before they can form a proper defense.


GekiJaguar is GekiBlue's GekiBeast and forms the right leg of GekiTohja. It uses its agility to perform acrobatic attacks such as curling into a ball and rolling into its opponents.

Beast-Fist Armament

Using various techniques learned by the GekiRanger themselves, they can summon new GekiBeasts, each with the power to raise the GekiTohja's attack level.

  • With GekiElephant, GekiTohja can become GekiElephantTohja.
  • With GekiBat, GekiTohja can become GekiBatTohja.
  • With GekiShark, GekiTohja can become GekiSharkTohja.
  • With RinLion and RinChameleon, GekiTohja can become GekiRinTohja.
  • By replacing GekiCheetah with GekiWolf, GekiTohja can become GekiTohja Wolf.
  • By combining with Beast-Fist God SaiDain, GekiTiger can become SaiDaiGekiTohja, with GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, and GekiWolf running alongside the formation. It can further combine with the RinBeasts to form SaiDaiGekiRinTohja.

GekiTohja Gekiwaza

  • Great Firm-Firm Fist (大頑頑拳 Dai Gan Gan Ken): GekiTohja's primary finisher. Rotating its upper body like a top, GekiTohja then charges into the enemy and obliterates them with an overwhelming barrage of spinning punches.
  • Great Firm-Firm Leg (大頑頑脚 Dai Gan Gan Kyaku): After jumping into the air, GekiTohja spins its lower body as it drops toward the opponent and drills through them with a double corkscrew kick.
  • Great Spin-Spin Leg (大分分脚 Dai Bun Bun Kyaku): Taught to the GekiRangers by a famous figure skater, GekiTohja leaps into the air with one leg extended out and then spins its lower body to deliver multiple roundhouse kicks against an opponent.
  • Beast-Fist Armament Triangle Attack (獣拳武装トライアングル攻撃 Jūken Busō Toraianguru Kōgeki): GekiTohja utilizes rapid changes among its Beast-Fist armaments and uses all three signature attacks in sequence.
  • Great Firm-Firm Ball (大頑頑丸 Dai Gan Gan Gan): GekiElephanTohja spins its upper body and repeatedly strikes the opponent with the EleHammer. According to Bae, this particular Gekiwaza is powerful enough to smash the Moon.
  • Great Spin-Spin Fan (大分分扇 Dai Bun Bun Sen): GekiBatTohja spins its upper body, creating a whirlwind that immobilizes the oppoent before slashing them with GekiBat's war fan-like wings.
  • Fan-Fan Sever Slash (扇扇断斬 Sen Sen Dan Zan): GekiBatTohja slashes the opponent with its wing fans in mid-air.
  • Great Firm-Firm Slash (大頑頑斬 Dai Gan Gan Zan): GekiSharkTohja spins it's upper body as it launches itself headfirst at the opponent, drilling through them with the helmet while the Shark Fin Blades slash through the enemy. Bae calls this a "Screw Attack" (スクリューアタック Sukuryū Atakku).
GekiTohja Wolf
  • Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚 Dai Rō Rō Kyaku): Transfering GekiWolf's tail into its mouth, GekiTohja Wolf roundhouse kicks the tail as a boomerang to first slash the opponent on the initial pass and then a second time as it returns.
GekiBatTohja Wolf
  • Great Brother Legs (大兄弟脚 Dai Kyōdai Kyaku): A drill-spin kick attack with both legs.
  • Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash (激激臨臨斬 Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan): GekiRinTohja's finisher where it spins it's upper body and delivers multiple slashes with the Fierce-Confrontation Sword (激臨剣 GekiRin Ken).
  • Lion's Roar (獅子吼 Shishi Kō): GekiRinTohja fires blasts of Confrontation Ki from RinLion's mouth.
  • Tongue Spear Sudden Pierce (槍舌突針 Sō Zetsu Dosshin): RinChameleon's tongue launches out to sting the enemy.
GekiRinTohja Wolf
  • Fierce Confrontation Wolf-Wolf Slash (激臨狼狼斬 Geki Rin Rō Rō Zan): GekiRinTohja Wolf uses a combination of Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash (激激臨臨斬 Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan) and Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚 Dai Rō Rō Kyaku).


When GokaiOh and Gosei Great faced the Black Cross Colossus, the mecha of the first 33 Super Sentai, including GekiTohja which possibly manifested from a toy version like DaiDenzin and the Variblune, appeared to back them up. When the Black Cross Colossus summoned several giant villains to oppose them, GekiTohja fought alongside Bio Robo and Great Five to destroy Buredoran of the Comet. After all the giant villains were destroyed, all 35 mecha weakened Black Cross Colossus with a combined attack before GokaiOh combined with the Variblune to become Goren GokaiOh which destroyed the Black Cross Colossus with the Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia finisher. With the battle won, the 33 past Super Sentai mecha vanished. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Greater Power

Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beast

The GekiBeasts are the Greater Power of the Gekirangers which is utilized by the Gokaigers using their Ranger Keys. Along with GekiWolf and SaiDain, Geki manifestations of the Triangle's GekiBeasts were summoned by the Gokaigers to allow GokaiOh to perform the Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beast (ゴーカイ大ゲキゲキ獣 Gōkai Dai Geki Geki Jū) finisher which destroyed Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac XIII. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 7: Niki-Niki! Kenpō Lesson

Later, the Gokaigers summoned GekiTiger physically alongside four other Red Mecha to destroy the Fake GokaiOh. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship


Ranger Key

The GekiTohja Ranger Key

Mobilates' Gokai Change announcement (toy)[src]

Through the powers of the Phantom Ranger Keys, the Gokaigers can re-create and summon the Greater Power of any Super Sentai team in existence. In Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie, the Phantom Ranger Keys reproduced the greater power of the Go-Busters, which allowed their respective mechas to transform to other previous Super Sentai mechas through Megazord keys. Hiromu on board CB-01 used his Megazord key to transform Go-Buster Ace into Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja.


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