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Jukebox Hildon (ジュークボックスヒルドン Jūkubokkusu Hirudon) is a jukebox-themed Hildon Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, released from the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Speaker Jamen.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Disc Shots: The Jukebox Hildon can shoot compact discs from its mouth.


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  • Height: 46.0 m
  • Weight: 1475.3 tons
  • Jamen: Jukebox
  • Dark Beast: Hildon

Behind the Scenes


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  • Jukebox Hildon is similar to the Karaoke Org from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
    • Unlike Karaoke Org (which was modeled after a karaoke machine), Jukebox Hildon is modeled after a jukebox (which in turn makes it the first jukebox-themed monster in Super Sentai history)


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