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Juju (ジュジュ) is one of Space Empire Zangyack's Action Commanders.


He is also known as the "Devilish Witch Doctor" (悪魔祈祷師 Akuma Kitōshi), Juju can use a special crystal to intensify the darkness in peoples' hearts to the point of madness and was personally picked out by Insarn for a mission.

Among his victims were Doc and Gai, though Ahim manages to snap them out of the spell as the others confront him and attempted to destroy the crystal ball before he swallows it to keep his spell in check. However, with Ninjaman's help, the Gokaigers destroy Juju and restore everyone to normal.

An enlarged Juju is then destroyed by Kanzen GokaiOh's Gokai Kanzen Burst with the aid of an enlarged Ninjaman.


  • He is one of the only two Action Commanders sent to Earth during Ackdos Gill's takeover of the Earth invasion forces, the other being Bibaboo.
  • He is the final Zangyack monster to appear in the series. The final two monsters belong to Basco ta Jolokia.
  • He is the only Action Commander who's death was witnessed by Basco.
  • He is one of the Action Commanders that never got adapted, due to Nickelodeon's 22 episode limit.
  • Juju suit is a repainted and modified version of the Los Dark.


concept art

  • Height - 198cm (Giant form - 48.8m)
  • Weight - 142kg (Giant form - 355.0t)

Behind the scenes

  • His motif is that of seaweed and that of a witch doctor.


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