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"Well? Isn't my juggling awesome?"
―Juggling Org's first words
"We really shined, didn't we? Big Bro!"
―Juggling Org's final words before his death
"Big Bro!"
―Juggling Org's final words before its initial demise

The younger brother of Duke Org Yabaiba, whose aid he enlists to gain praise from Highness Duke Org Rasetsu, forming Team Circus. They make a few vain attempts to attack Kai, Gaku, and Futaro at an amusement park in the guise of mascots until they capture Futaro. GaoBlue and GaoYellow are forced to take a beating until the others arrive and save Futaro. Though killed by Hyakujuuken, Yabaiba uses TsueTsue's staff to revive his brother, who has a hard time fighting GaoKing on his own until Yabaiba uses the Org Seeds to aid Juggling Org. But GaoHunter Justice arrives in time, wounding Juggling Org for GaoKing to finish off.



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