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"You can be the clown, and I'll be the juggler and together we'll be: Team Carnival!"
―Juggelo talks to Jindrax[src]

Juggelo was Jindrax' younger brother and an Org. Together they formed Team Carnival. After reviving Juggelo using Toxica's magical staff, Jindrax ate some of the magic beans so he could grow and help his brother fight the Wild Force Rangers, despite Toxica saying he'd stay big if he grew. Their double-team proved to be too much for the Wild Force Megazord, but Merrick and the Predazord intervened, stopping the attack. The Predazord weakened Juggelo with Revolver Phantom and he was destroyed for good by the Wild Force Megazord Soul Cannon attack. But before Jindrax could avenge him, he burped up the beans and shrank back to normal size. So after Juggelo's demise, Toxica takes his place in Team Carnival so Jindrax can keep it alive.

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