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"I got my target locked onto your heart! Now to swing you all around!"
―The Joystick Jamen's first words when taking control of a factory worker.[src]

"Game Over--!"
―The Joystick Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Joystick Jamen (ジョイスティック邪面 Joisutikku Jamen) was a joystick-based silver body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Catcher Ligany.


The Joystick Jamen was created by Carantula to take control of people and ruin society as he could fully influence a person's movements. He was first seen attacking a factory where he took control over a factory worker on a forklift and made him crash through a wall of boxes. Before he could do much more though, Sena arrived on foot and tried to stop the vehicle with a blast from Tametomo's Kiramai Shot flattened the tires, allowing the worker to flee. The entire team of Kiramagers then confronted him but he took control of Shiguru and forced him to attack the others. After a momentary retreat, Tametomo realised that the joystick was what controlled Shiguru so he tried to shoot it off with his Kiramai Shot but the Jamenshi easily shrugged it off. However, using some teamwork and whilst Sayo held down Shiguru, Sena restrained the Joystick Jamen whilst Juru gave Tametomo a boost into the air, allowing him to fire discs into the joystick, jamming it and rendering his control abilities utterly useless. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Joystick Jamen was forced to retreat.

The Joystick Jamen later returned shortly after the awakening of Mashin Carry and Mashin Rolland in "Sector P23", a balcony overlooking Tokyo. He now had "multi-target locking" (presumably granted by Carantula) and planned to take control of the entire city. However, the Kiramagers arrived and Tametomo changed to fight him personally only for the Joystick Jamen to take control of Juru, forcing him to attack the others before some Bechats swarmed and overwhelmed Tametomo. Luckily, Juru managed to break free of his control just before he could kill Sena and helped Tametomo to overwhelm the Bechats. It transpired that this was part of a plan for Tametomo to duplicate himself and have the clone act as a distraction so that he and Shiguru could control Juru and make him put on a show for his Mashin. Although his goal was fulfilled, an enraged Joystick Jamen broke fre of them so Juru changed and they did thier roll call. Whilst Tametomo and Sayo weakened him with thier Kiramai Shots, Sena and Shiguru hit him several times with thier Kiramai Swords. Juru then finished the Joystick Jamen off with his Kiramai Buster's Dazzling Kiramai Charge.


Joystick Jamen was a monster obsessed with mind control and gaming as a whole.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sight: Joystick Jamen was able to see in spite of having no visible eyes.
  • Super Speed: Joystick Jamen could run at amazingly fast speeds which is how he initially escaped the Kiramagers.
  • Remote Control: Joystick Jamen's signature ability where he could control anyone he chooses by scanning them and moving his joystick.
    • Multi-Target Locking: An upgraded form of Joystick Jamen's signature ability where he could take control of multiple targets at once.
  • Bechat Summoning: Joystick Jamen summoned Bechats to aid him in overwhelming Tametomo.


  • Durability: Due to being made of "a special super-alloy", Joystick Jamen took multiple shots to the face from Tametomo's Kiramai Shot but didn't get a scratch.


  • Blockage: If his joystick controller is jammed, Joystick Jamen won't able to control anyone.
  • Hijacked Control: Joystick Jamen's controls could be commandeered by other people and render his powers completely useless.


  • Fists: Although he lacked weapons, Joystick Jamen could use his fists to smack his opponents.


  • Jamen: Joystick

Behind the Scenes


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