This article is about a/an ally in Choudenshi Bioman.

Joy (ジョーイ Jōi): A young friend of Peebo from Bio Star. He recorded a video message on a compact disc addressed to Peebo that was sent to Earth from Bio Star before its destruction. Doctor Man managed to get a hold of the disc before Peebo does and decides to create a Mecha Clone of Joy in order to trick Peebo into revealing the location of the Bioman's headquarters. Peebo is deceived by the duplicate at first, but manages to see through the deception after he views Joy's video recording, which revealed that the real Joy was unable to escape Bio Star's destruction and that he recorded the video as his final farewell to Peebo. Doctor Man, who did not understand the language of Bio Star's people, did not realize that Joy was already dead. Joy was renamed Star Boy in the English dub.

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