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Jotaro is a hearthy old farmer who continues to work the land even at his age. After getting into a confrontation with Agri, he defeats Gosei Black in a sumo contest leading to him taking Eri, which she happily goes along with. In order to get Eri back, Agri works Jotaro's fields learning how to farm daikon radishes the proper way. Through the encounter, they discover about his love of farming with his wife Yukiko, who only appeared in a photo and appeared to be dead to the two Gosei Angels. Using his knowledge of farming, Agri defeats Abauta of the Research with passion; only for he and the others to discover Shizuko was just gone for the day and that the two were still happily married, with Jotaro just taking Eri because he thought she was cute.

Behind the scenes


Jotaro was portrayed by Tetsu Watanabe (渡辺哲 Watanabe Tetsu). The young Jotaro was portrayed by Kenichi Yamada (山田顕一 Yamada Kenichi).


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