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Jonathan Tzachor is an American producer and director best known for his work on Power Rangers. Tzachor worked on the show until 2002's Power Rangers: Wild Force. He was most recently an executive producer for the Power Rangers series Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Tzachor's tenure

Jonathan Tzachor was a producer for Power Rangers for the first 10 years.

Disney era/departure

After Disney's acquisition of the franchise, Tzachor's final series, Power Rangers: Wild Force, would be a split season. Because of Disney's recently-completed acquisition of Fox Family Worldwide (and therefore Saban), the first half aired on Fox Kids, while the second half aired on ABC Kids. MMPR productions shut down, and production of the show was transferred to Village Roadshow KP Productions in Auckland, New Zealand (now known as Ranger Productions). The Power Rangers Wild Force finale, The End of the Power Rangers, which was Tzachor's final episode with the franchise for nine years, was directed by him before he quit.

Saban Brands era

After Disney sold the Power Rangers brand to Saban in the form of Saban Brands, Jonathan Tzachor was hired back as Executive Producer on the eighteenth season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Samurai. He remained in the role until the end of Power Rangers Super Megaforce where he was promptly replaced by Judd Lynn due to his behind the scenes disagreements with then head writer and story editor James W. Bates that would end up causing many problems within the series. According to Bates, his job was mostly superfluous since many of the stories ("Blue Saber Saga" and "A Lion's Alliance" in particular) were written with no oversight and were just given to him by Tzachor to be rushed along. It got so bad that he just quit after filming wrapped for the episode “Spirit of the Tiger” and Tzachor took over as head writer and editor. Bates came back to write "Vrak is Back" but the idea to essentially clone Serrator's plan verbatim from Samurai (as opposed to Birajira's plan to remake the world with him as it's god from Goseiger) was Tzachor's idea. One of the biggest criticisms of Megaforce is that the characters are extremely underdeveloped (to the point we never even see thier personal lives beyond school and Ernie’s Brain Freeze) because Tzachor forced Bates to disregard it in favor of using copious amounts of Sentai footage. [1]

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