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Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā) is the codename of Commander Daisuke Kujirai (鯨井 大助). The leader of the ISSIS, he gives the JAKQ their orders and mission to defeat the CRIME Organization.

Character History

He recruits four youths whom he sees as the perfect candidates for this project. Altering their physical bodies with bionic enhancements and empowering them with energy manipulation devices, the four test subjects become the super cyborg team, codenamed “JAKQ”. He owns a talking cyborg hamster for a pet that is always present on the desk of Joker.

Issis hamster


In episode 23, Joker is called to ISSIS headquarters in New York, forcing him to leave the J.A.K.Q. in Japan. However, he leaves behind a mobilization leader to act in his absence: Sokichi Banba, the mysterious "Big One". He likewise leaves his hamster behind to assist Banba and the team.

After Karen gets hurt, Joker returns to Japan in the final episode to perform surgery to save her life. Though he and his family are initially abducted by an angry Iron Claw, he is able to get to headquarters to save her life. He remains at ISSIS' Japanese headquarters from this point forwards again, doing the main logistics as Banba continues to act as mobilization leader, including during their team-up with the Gorengers to finish off CRIME.


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