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"There's nothing funnier than a confused sapien!"
―Jogon of the Ningyo's first words[src]

Jogon of the Ningyo (人魚のジョ言(ゴン) Ningyo no Jogon) is a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu.

Character History

An old friend of Kinggon, Jogon is able to latch special seashells onto people which targets a flaw in them and makes them believe a person is saying it behind their backs. While infecting humans with it, he fights against the Goseiger where one of the shells attaches to Agri, making him become doubtful of his own position within the team. At the same time, another shell is taken by Buredoran and attached to Kingong, making him think that Makuin merely sees his partner as muscle and doesn't trust him as part of his own schemes. Eventually, when Agri gets over his problems, he launches an assault on both Jogon and Kingong as Super Gosei Black, crushing them before the team joins in and awaken their new finisher: the Miracle Gosei Dynamic.

After being grown by Buredoran, a combination of the Goseiger and Gosei Knight work together to fight Jogon, with Agri smashing it with a Snake Headder kick before finishing it off with Landick Gosei Great.


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Modus and Arsenal

While mostly using physical attacks, Jogon's main skill is a tiny seashell he attaches to the neck through water attacks which force out the insecurities of whoever is affected but makes them revealed through other people, making the infected believe that they are the ones who have problems with them instead of realizing it is internal. He also can use puddles as a means to hide or travel between points.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Movie Reference: Jogon's name is derived from the classic film Creature from the Black Lagoon (大アマゾンの半魚人 Dai Amazon no Hangyojin).
    • While both having aquatic powers, the paranoia it causes is associated with the doubt caused in its own existence prior to being discovered during the events of the film.
  • The kanji in Jogon's name is the one for "word" ( Gon), referring to his scales. He is modeled after a silverfish.
    • Jogon is also based off of the Ningyo, a Yokai who sports a monkey-like face whose succulent flesh is guarded by the belief of bringing misfortune and storms.
      • Nowadays, Ningyo is translated into "Mermaid", and this was something that was brought up by the Goseigers, with them calling Jogon a "Gyojin" (魚人, literally "Fishman") rather than a Ningyo thanks to Jogon being a male and his rather hideous profile.
  • He is one of three Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu not to be adapted as Toxic Beasts in Power Rangers Megaforce, likely due to the 22 episode limit and the plot point of Buredoran scheming against the Yuumaju leaders that comes with the episode he's in is omitted.

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