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Jodie Stanton is the daughter of Commander Stanton.

She makes her first appearance when Stanton asks Kai Chen if he'll do him a favor. Kai accepts, unaware that it pertains to looking after his daughter until the two arrive at the table where she and Kendrix Morgan are playing. Masking any reservations he has to looking after Jodie, Kai accepts and takes the girl to the skating rink, where he would've been recording time playing around on the rink had he not noticed Hannah. When he's called away on a Ranger mission, Kai leaves Jodie in the care of Hannah. Jodie doesn't notice his disappearance, when he returns she attempts to divulge her time out on the rink to Kai who proceeds to daydream about Hannah.

Afterward, Jodie is reasonably disappointed to find out that recorded footage from video camera contains very little of herself and is dominated by Hannah. When Commander Stanton inquires to how the trip and the recording went, Kendrix interrupts the child by stating the video itself was wonderful, something which Jodie does not protest to as she and her father leave the boy's quarters. Jodie reappears later with a wrapped package for Kai. Clearly aware of his feelings for Hannah she side-steps Kendrix's dismissal by mentioning the package was from Hannah specifically. With the delivery of the package stressful, Jodie departs, skipping merrily down the hall.The Blue Crush

Her final appearance, Jodie is seen with her father in the park prior to the attack from the Icy Angel. She draws a picture of her father and the Terra Venture. When the Icy Angel summons Stingwingers to attack the occupants of the park, Stanton hid his daughter in the bushes and went to help the select few the monster had chosen to attack. Jodie witnesses her father being hit with the Icy Angel's enchanted arrow and runs to his aid. When the monster is driven off by the Galaxy Rangers and Stanton regains consciousness, she hugs her father in relief. Instead of returning the affection, he throws her off of him and stands. Unaware that Stanton is now under the control of the Icy Angel, Jodie is brought to tears when her father steps on her drawing as he departs. Another day, however, her father, after the spell was broken, gives her a drawing set to make another picture.

Although unseen, she along with her father presumebly escaped to Minori during the destruction of Terra Venture.Blue to the Test

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