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Jishinlar is Vader Monster "40" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Jishinlar is sent out by General Hedrer to ease the anxiety of Queen Hedrian over Denziman's continued success and the continued torment of Demon King Banriki; using its earthquakes, they hoped to use its ability to pinpoint and destroy Denzi Land to wipe out the team in one blow. After discovering magnitude 7 and 8 earthquakes striking nearby from Denzi Land, the Denziman emerge to investigate, only for Kiyama to ultimately become captured by the Vader forces where he was tortured for information on Denzi Land's location.

Realizing that they were at war with the Vader and the need to save DenziYellow, the Denziman begin an all-out assault, flying to his rescue in DenziTiger, then releasing DaiDenzin immediately to force Jishinlar to grow giant; but this was a distraction for the Denziman to sneak into the base to save their teammate while Denzi Dog IC was controlling DaiDenzin. After realizing its failure as Kiyama becomes rescued by his teammates, Jishinlar shrinks down to face them once again, with the two sides facing each other. When the team initially use DenziStick Boomerang to finish it off, it immediately puts itself back together claiming it was immortal. Switching to Denzi Lightning Fall, they strike the Vader Monster again with a finisher, defeating it but making it grow once again. After growing, the team use DenziBall and DenziBoomerang to weaken it substantially before finishing it off with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability is to use its power to create massive earthquakes of strong magnitudes starting from 7 to cause wide-scale destruction. He can also fire stones and explosive flashes from a catfish-like protrusion on its shoulder and can turn into a stone to intrude upon movements. Due to his stone-like body and reformation powers, he has a massive defense that is hard to penetrate and makes claim of invincibility, even reviving from DenziStick Boomerang after being shattered initially. He can also jump high, turn into a rock, turn invisible, teleport, use a hammer-like staff, and can change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Jishin" - "Earthquake"


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