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Jiro Sakuma (佐久間 次郎 Sakuma Jirō) is a young boy who defied Jark Matter's occupation of Earth with his older brother, Kotaro Sakuma.

Character History

With Kotaro, Jiro studied the 88 constellation systems at the planetarium. 3rd Period: Science Class

While the adults refused to defy Jark Matter to make it easier for everyone, Jiro and his brother refused to accept the oppression, leading to them being caught up in the fight between the Kyurangers and Jark Matter which resulted in the boys being caught by Stinger who, though ordered by Eriedrone to kill them, decided instead to keep them hostage so as to force the eight Kyurangers to surrender their Kyutamas. The brothers' bond reminded Stinger, secretly a Rebellion spy operating within Jark Matter, of that he once had with his own older brother and so he told them to watch out for each other. Ultimately, while Eriedrone intended to kill the brothers regardless, Stinger dropped his facade at the last minute, saving the boys before joining with the Kyurangers to take down Eriedrone, raising the hopes of the previously disillusioned adults. Space.5: 9 Ultimate Saviors

When Kotaro joined the Kyurangers, it was later revealed that Jirou was left in the care of his grandfather. He remained there until Kotaro returned to Earth along with the other Kyurangers for what they beleived would be the final master plan of Don Armage. Jirou was one of the first to greet them and led the group standing up to Professor Anton and his Champ Clones. In retaliation, Jirou was kidnapped and held hostage. He would had died from Anton dropping him from atop a balcony had Stinger not used his tail to rescue him. Stinger explained that as Kotaro considered Stinger his older brother, Jirou effectively was a younger brother to him as well.

Among the populace of the entire universe, Jiro was converted to Planetium and absorbed by Don Armage. Space.47: The Saviors' Promise Thankfully, everyone was brought back when Don Armage was defeated by the twelve Kyurangers. Space.Final: Echo in the Universe! Alright, Lucky

Behind the scenes


Jiro Sakuma is portrayed by Eiji Ofuji (大藤 瑛史 Ōfuji Eiji).


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