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Jiro is a shark Zyuman child and the younger brother of Sela, one of Sela's family who she was forced to leave behind back in Zyuland after she was stranded in the human world.

Character History

Selabro drawings

Jiro's illustrations of his family and his older sister guarding the Link Cube.

Jiro was taken care of by Sela their mother and father's absence. Ep. 17: Extra Player, Intrude As their parents grew busy, the family saw less of each other. However, Jiro and Sela would help their parents celebrate their anniversary every year. Ep. 9: A Day Does Not End

Sela's little brother

Jiro was tended to by Sela.

Sela kept a holoimage of herself with her family on her person. Though she did not like to show it, Sela was deeply affected at being seperated from her parents and younger brother after being stranded in the human world with her fellow Zyuman guardians. About two months into her stay, Sela knew that her parents' anniversary was nearing and desperately searched late into the night on the eve of what would have been her family reunion for the missing King's Credential, which would enable use of the dormant Link Cube to return to Zyuland, only to return to her new home fruitless. Her sorrow was realized by her human friend, Yamato Kazakiri, who suggested that she write a letter to her family despite not being able to send it to them now, telling her that her feelings would reach them if she believed it would get to them someday. Ep. 9: A Day Does Not End

Sela fam

Jiro and his parents reunite with Sela in the reunified world.

After almost a year, the human world and Zyuland were unexpectedly merged when the Zyuohgers returned all King's Credentials to the Link Cube. With his parents, Jiro was overjoyed to be reunited with Sela. Ep. Final: Earth is Our Home


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Behind the Scenes


  • Sela's younger brother is voiced by an unidentified voice actor and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.


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