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Jiraiya Shuriken

The JiraiyaIcon-crosswiki Nin Shuriken (ジライヤ忍シュリケン Jiraiya Nin Shuriken) is a legendary Nin Shuriken which bears the likeness of the ninja-themed Metal Hero, World Ninja JiraiyaIcon-crosswiki, and is marked with the kanji for "magnetic" ( Ji). When used in the Ninja Ichibantou, it announces "World NinjaIcon-crosswiki" (世界忍者戦 Sekai Ninja). Allows the user to perform the Jiraiya Technique (ジライヤの術 Jiraiya no Jutsu), which has two variations:



Jiraiya Technique - Jiraishin

Jiraishin vs. Konakijiji

Transforming from one of the purified Sealing Shuriken claimed by the Ninningers, the Jiraiya Shuriken was granted when the ninjas earned the approval of Toha YamajiIcon-crosswiki, the World Ninja JiraiyaIcon-crosswiki. When first used by Takaharu Igasaki, the Jiraiya Shuriken returned Jiraiya's Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum SwordIcon-crosswiki to its original owner, but not before it struck the Advanced Yokai Konakijiji. Soon after, while fighting the enlarged Yokai in Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, the Ninningers under threat of being crushed into the ground when the Yokai boarded the Giant Robo like a baby. At Jiraiya's urging, AkaNinger used the Nin Shuriken again to turn the tide of battle, which was done as Gekiatsu Dai-Oh channeled the power of JiraishinIcon-crosswiki, manifesting green flames which forced the Yokai off the Ninningers. Shinobi 34: Enter Jiraiya, Legendary World Ninja!

Jiraiya Technique - Jiraishin 2

Jiraishin vs. Oumukade.

This process was repeated during the Ninningers' battle against the giant Advanced Yokai Oumukade; when the Yokai attempted to constrict Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, AkaNinger used the Jiraiya Technique to repel Oumukade. Shinobi 35: Kinji Enters the Yokai Labyrinth!

Jiraiya Takaharu

AkaNinger transforms into Jiraiya.

Facing the Super Advanced Yokai Shuten-douji, AkaNinger used the Kakuranger, Hurricaneger and Jiraiya Nin Shurikens simultaneously to perform a unique Legend Ninja Violent Slash technique. In quick succession, AkaNinger successively transformed into NinjaRed wielding the Secret Sword Kakuremaru, HurricaneRed wielding the Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru, and Jiraiya wielding the Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword, repeatedly striking the Yokai before reverting to his default form and performing one final slash, defeating Shuten-douji. Shinobi 41: The Five Games of the Kibaoni Party!

Behind the scenes

Power Rangers

Despite Jiraiya's adaptation in Power Rangers Ninja Steel as Space Sheriff Skyfire, what would have been Skyfire's Ninja Power Star is omitted from the episode Sheriff Skyfire. While the Ninja Steel Rangers face a similar predicament from the monster Blammo, the scene is modified to remove the image of JiraishinIcon-crosswiki, presenting the Ninja Blaze Fire Burst as a natural ability of the Ninja Blaze Megazord.


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