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"Oh yes, sir Diabolico. Whatever you want. (...) At once your evilness."
―Jinxer's first words when being commanded to send a monster into Mariner Bay by Diabolico.[src]

"Wait! I just remembered! I stuck a Battling card on the Megazord's leg! I was out of monster cards, and I had to do something! I only had a Batling card. So I thought it might do some good if I gave the Rangers a little surprise when they got back to the base."
―Jinxer after having confessed to Queen Bansheera that he has no more monster cards and he sacrificed the card of Batlings against the Rangers.[src]

"As you command my Queen."
―Jinxer responding to Bansheera telling him to place the final stone and his final words before his demise.[src]

Jinxer was a demon that worked for Queen Bansheera, Diabolico, and Prince Olympius.


He could conjure monsters from the cards the other demons used as well as using his own set of monster cards and was also skilled in hypnotism. He was highly loyal to Olympius and even helped him escape the Shadow World and fed him power from the Aquabase. Jinxer also helped nurture Olympius back to health when the rest of the villains dismissed Olympius for the dead. He was a cowardly sort of villain, but did engage in battle with the Rangers at least a few times. His method of attacking was using a cane-like blaster. During the Rangers' battle against the Super Demon forms of Diabolico and Olympius, Jinxer planted his only card left - a Batling card - on the leg of the Lifeforce Megazord which he then used to give rise to a massive army of Batlings to invade the Aquabase after the Lifeforce Megazord was brought back. Jinxer himself and a small faction of Batlings piloted the newly repaired Omega Megazord to place the circle of stones around Mariner Bay to assist Queen Bansheera's ceremony in opening the gateway into the Shadow World and releasing all of the demons from within into the world. After placing the final stone, Carter and Ryan eventually rammed the Mobile Armor Vehicle into it, destroying it and killing Jinxer immediately. Although the stone landed correctly, the Lightspeed Rangers and Diabolico brought down Queen Bansheera once and for all.


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  • His name was based on the term "jinx," and he also was highly insightful and skilled in the ways of magic.


  • Jinxer is the only villain, besides Bansheera, to survive until the finale. He dies in the final battle whereas Queen Bansheera is imprisoned forever.
  • Jinxer, alongside Olympius, is the only villain to remain loyal to Bansheera until the very end.
  • Like his Sentai counterpart, Jinxer's motif is based off a butler and a housefly.
  • Jinxer is also the only of Bansheera's minions whose Sentai counterpart is not a child of Grandine's, being the family butler instead.


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