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"Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!"
―Jindrax saying the same thing as Toxica, when growing both Orgs, his brother Juggelo and Locomotive Org.[src]

"Evil spirits of toil and strife, give Jindrax a jumbo-sized life!"
―Jindrax’s growing spell when eating Toxica's beans.[src]

"Say hello to Giant Jindrax!"
―Jindrax after growing to aid Juggelo.[src]

"I've had it with being an Org. This is ridiculous! I can't trust any of you, especially you! You've lied and cheated and have destroyed anyone around you. For 3,000 years, Toxica and I waited for your return and for what? You've betrayed your most loyal Duke Orgs, ones who would do anything for you, including cutting off their horn. You are beyond evil. You have no heart. You don't deserve anyone's loyalty! You've destroyed my best friend and my faith in Orgs."
―Jindrax angrily renouncing his service to Master Org for his betrayal and getting Toxica killed.[src]

Jindrax was the "Duke of Orgs" and the self-proclaimed Master of Blades as he used knives and swords in battle. He had an unofficial rivalry with Taylor Earhardt and is the best friend (and, possibly, the love interest) of Toxica, the "Duchess of Orgs" and Mistress of Magic. He seemed to have had a crush on Princess Shayla, (which Toxica seemed to be fairly jealous of), but a deep love for Toxica. He resurrected Toxica from Spirit World using her re-energized severed horn. He retired from serving as an Org leader and now travels the world with Toxica so they can find themselves.


Jindrax is known for his skill with knives and occasionally swords, and uses them constantly in battle - he was particularly a contentious battle rival to Taylor (Yellow Ranger). In a few episodes, he causes monsters to grow using Toxica's staff and reciting the spell, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!" He is also fond of the word "Inconceivable".

He was later transformed and brainwashed, along with Toxica, into Super Jindrax by Master Org after they discovered that he was a human. He is released from this state after being defeated by the Animarium Armor, and set out with Toxica to free the general Mandilok; together, they were able to depose Master Org (who has since lost his powers) and seemingly kill him for good. However, the two were mistreated under Mandilok, and Toxica was actually destroyed in battle with the Rangers.

He has a brother named Juggelo, who was imprisoned along with the other Orgs 3000 years ago. Together, the two form "Team Carnival" (a reference to their clown like appearances). In one episode, Jindrax eats Toxica's magic beans to grow large and fight alongside Juggelo. After Juggelo is destroyed, the effect of the beans wears off and Jindrax shrinks to his normal size. This makes him the only Org ever to grow large and return to normal (indeed, Toxica warned him that this was normally not possible). After Juggelo's death, Toxica joins Team Carnival in his stead.

Jindrax later brought Toxica back from the Spirit World which she had been sent to after her death by charging her severed horn with energy from the Rangers' weapons. The two aided the Rangers in a battle against Master Org and his revived Duke Org Generals, including Retinax, Nayzor, and Mandilok. After the battle he then leaves to travel the world with Toxica and "find himself".


Though he can be goofy and harmless at times, Jindrax was once ruthless, sadistic, and arrogant, and was willing to do whatever it took to prove his undying loyalty to Master Org. In his many battles with Taylor, he often called her 'missy' as a mocking gesture to throw her off and to gain the upper hand in battle. His rivalry of Taylor was obsessive to the point that he has even tried to kill her while unmorphed on multiple occasions (such as "Team Carnival"), to no avail. He had an amicable and sibling-like relationship with Toxica and the two often worked together through thick and thin, until her death. When she died, he decides that being an Org is not worth it and outright denounces his loyalty to Master Org, saying he has "no heart". This proves that while he can alternate from being a goofball to a serious and vicious villain from time to time, he always has a sense of morality and would choose his best friend over his loyalty to Master Org. After rescuing Princess Shayla in "Sealing the Nexus," Jindrax and Toxica no longer consider themselves as enemies to the Rangers, instead vowing to travel the world to embark on a new life. He even apologizes to Taylor for giving her so much trouble over the years, ending his 'legendary rivalry' with Taylor, which she begrudgingly accepts and later acknowledges.



Powers and Abilities


  • Human Disguise: In the first episode, Jindrax and Toxica were seen disguised as regular humans before assuming their true forms.
  • Teleportation: Jindrax can teleport himself and others next to him at will.
  • Sword Summoning: Jindrax can freely summon his sword at will.
  • Swordsmanship: Jindrax is very skilled with using his sword among the Orgs.
  • Lightning Beam: Jindrax is able to fire blue lightning beams, but where he fires them from is unknown.
  • Sorcery: As one of the main Wild Force villains, Jindrax is a very capable sorcerer, as he was able to revive Locomotive Org and Toxica quite easily at one episode, as at another episode, he was as well able to revive Juggelo before both at first.
  • Longevity: Jindrax apparently has longevity since he has been alive for 3000 years much like Toxica but is not immortal since it is possible he can still be destroyed as implied by Toxica in "Team Carnival."


  • Strength: As one of the main antagonists of Wild Force, Jindrax is stronger than any regular Org monster (except for the Locomotive Org) and was roughly on par with Toxica. Even for Taylor Earhardt who had been a Ranger for over a year fighting Orgs (and likely fighting Jindrax for that amount of time), she often had trouble dealing with his swordplay and quickness in their many battles; Later on though, Taylor improved her swordplay to the point that they are nearly equally matched in battle, with Taylor gaining the upper hand towards the end of the series.
  • Durability: As one of the main villains, Jindrax can take hits from even Master Org and be relatively unharmed. A massive blast from Master Org's hand only knocked him over and did not seem to hurt him.


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  • Twin Daggers: Jindrax wielded twin daggers in combat.
    • Energy Blasts: Jindrax could fire red or light blue energy blasts from his daggers.
  • Sword: Jindrax's other weapon of use, arguably his preferred choice in his battles with the Rangers. It was often used when Jindrax engaged in his many battles with Taylor, who uses her Golden Eagle Sword.
  • Toxica's Staff: Jindrax briefly used Toxica's staff to revive and enlarge both his younger brother, Juggelo, and the Locomotive Org.
  • Katana: When infiltrating the Animarium, Jindrax was armed with a katana.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Jindrax retained his ability to teleport like before in his original form.
  • Rapid Spin: Jindrax could spin at full speed to rapidly strike his enemies dozens of times.


  • Strength: Being powered by Master Org, Jindrax possessed far greater strength than before.


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  • Twin Daggers: Jindrax retained his two daggers for combat like he did in his original form.
    • Lightning Blast: Jindrax's daggers could launch blasts of purple lightning unlike his original form.
    • Energy Slash: Jindrax can fire yellow energy slashes from his daggers at his enemies.
    • Tractor Beam: By combining his powers with Toxica, Jindrax could use his daggers to fire light purple tractor beams that could wrap around his enemies.
    • Energy Projectiles: Jindrax could release dark purple energy projectiles from his daggers.

Appearances: WF Episodes 18-23

Behind the Scenes


  • Jindrax was voiced by Richard Cansino for the first four episodes and Danny Wayne Stallcup for the rest of the season.
    • This voice switch-up was why his voice goes from deep and menacing to the more well known comedic voice without explanation.
      • Said switch-up was done because executives felt that the serious voice provided didn't match Jindrax' appearance and Danny Wayne Stallcup was given the role.
        • Stallcup also portrayed his human form in the episode, "Lionheart."
  • Via Japanese footage, he was played by Motokuni Nakagawa (中川 素州 Nakagawa Motokuni) and in American footage played interchangeably by his voice actor Stallcup and Terence J. Rotolo (who previously voiced Dark Specter).


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  • Jindrax was the only Duke Org in the series never to be destroyed at any point (since Toxica and Zen-Aku were both destroyed at some point but later revived).


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