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"Jiiya" (じいや) is a former servant of King Aslan of Kaien in the Shishi System. When the planet was ravaged by Kukuruga, "Jiiya", on the order of his king, took the young prince Lucky and raised him on the planet Luth in the Kojishi System.

Character History

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Four years following the fall of Don Armage, Jiiya told Lucky to come home soon while he was traveling the universe. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


“Jiiya“ is shown to be very strict, even after Lucky already grown up and demand the truth about what happen to his parents. This strains his relationship with a grown up Lucky, even after the lost Aslan prince already became a Kyuranger. The reason why “Jiiya” is strict towards Lucky was for Lucky’s stricted safety under orders from his King Aslan.

As Lucky became more mature after spending much time with the Kyurangers, “Jiiya“ began to reconcile with him, realizing Lucky is finally ready to save Kaien from Jark Matter.

Due to Lucky's royal background, he believed the other Kyurangers to be retainers, and demanded all of them to bow before the prince, until Lucky told him that was not the case. After the former is crowned King, he comments that Lucky would be a splended ruler.

Behind the Scenes


"Jiiya" was portrayed by Kazuhiro Nakahara (中原和宏 Nakahara Kazuhiro).



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