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Jigura (ジグラ Jigura) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma, originally from planet Dalos

Character History

A Space Beast of planet Dalos; his body appears to be a living mechanical weapon with hidden shoulder and arm guns and even a projectile helmet. Jigura brings to Earth the Darosphere, a device implanted within the crust of the planet beneath the ocean; this is both to hide it as well as to allow for it to begin using it's power to start causing ruptures throughout the planet, leading to it's destruction. Though mostly dormant after being implanted, the Darosphere begins to react when Waraji, Gator's son, comes to Earth with a special flute that was supposed to react to allow for his father to come and meet with him again. Seeing the flute's power in awakening the Darosphere, Jigura and the other Gozma forces force Gator to use Waraji to play his flute so Earth could be destroyed, but Zoorii returns to protect her son both from using his innocent instrument in this way and to prevent Waraji from knowing of Gator's true work for the Gozma. But by this point, the Darosphere is activated and Jigura fights the Changeman to allow for it to do it's job. After being destroyed by the Power Bazooka, Jigura is rebuilt and immediately descends into the ocean to protect his weapon with Change Robo in pursuit. The mech finally destroys Jigura under the ocean, then takes the Darosphere to let it explode in the vacuum of space.Ep. 47: Gator's Tears of Parent and Child


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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