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Jewel of Prosperity

  • Hazard Level: 270

The Jewel of Prosperity (繁栄の石 Han'ei no Ishi) is a huge light-blue gemstone which rests on top of a ring generally possessed by the rich and famous. (to the point that it was sold to it's current owner for five-million yen in India) However while the ring itself normally appears to be harmless, the exposure of the gem to the air builds up a negative chemical reaction until it causes a massive explosion every hundred years. While this typically would lead to the ring being destroyed to prevent this from happening, many factions wish to possess the ring to use this once-a-century event as a potential power source.

The Boukengers track the ring down to the famed television actor Toshio Tanbara, upon which they force Sakura to take the ring, replace it with a fake and place it within a sealing liquid to prevent it's centennial explosion within a short period of time. However, to get the ring she ends up enduring many embarrassing moments, including being forced to learn all of Tanbara's bad puns to react to them correctly as well as dressing up as a perky, pigtailed idol interviewer to get close enough to make the switch. While appearing to get the ring in the interview, Tanbara had switched the real ring out with a fake due to his own paranoia. However, the Jaryuu had an insider tracking the ring down as well, making their own version of the TV mascot Denbey to take the ring during a commercial shoot Tanbara was also asked to do. With the fake Denbey taking the ring and with seconds to go, Sakura storms the set, takes the ring and seals it just as it explodes, preventing any damage and securing the jewel for SGS. Task 37: The Yearned-For Showbiz World

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