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"Good evening."
―Jewel Thief Rouge's first words[src]

"I got you that for re-lea-sing me."
―Jewel Thief Rouge's first words to Lila.[src]

"Why did this happen to me?"
―Jewel Thief Rouge's first words after being enlarged[src]

"It's so cold!"
―Final words before her defeat[src]

Jewel Thief Rouge's transformation

Prisoner #02475, Jewel Thief Rouge (宝石窃盗犯・ルージェ, Hōseki Settōhan Rūje, 6)


A flighty girl who, like Lila, has an obsession for jewelry, and was jailed for a third strike act of thievery. Able to assume the form of women, Rouge left them incapacitated while committing her crimes. The swallow-tattoo on her neck is the only way to identify her while she is in disguise. Under the guise of Tenju, she steals the Moon King Diamond for Lila to repay her for setting her free. When she attempted to steal the Moon Queen Diamond, the Timerangers interfered and she made a run for it before fighting them. TimeRed arrived in time to aid the others, but TimeYellow caused Rouge to become enlarged by accident. Not wanting to be a giant, she reluctantly allowed TimeRobo Alpha to bring her back into custody.

Jewel Thief Rouge's human form


She is typically a little girly girl despite being an adult who loves jewelry, constantly whines and cries like a spoiled bratty teenager when she doesn't get her ways especially if were a giant. Plus she is pain intolerant and is a trickster.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Her arsenal is usually her arm blade and she can shoot eye lasers at her opponents.


Behind the Scenes


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Her motif is that of a swallow.

Concept Art


  • Her name is a pun on the word "rouge", as well an anagram of the word "jewel" (ジュエル, juueru)


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