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A list of merchandise for the 15th Super Sentai series Choujin Sentai Jetman.[1]

Roleplay Items

CSJ crosschanger
  • Cross Changer (クロスチェンジャー Kurosu Chenjā)

CSJ birdblaser
  • Bird Blaster Set (バードブラスターセット Bādo Burasutā Setto)

CSJ beaksmasher
  • Beak Smasher (ビークスマッシャー Bīku Sumasshā)

CSJ firebazooka
  • DX Fire Bazooka (DX ファイヤーバズーカ Derakkusu Faiyā Bazūka)

CSJ dxgauntlet
  • DX Wing Gauntlet (DX ウイングガントレッド Derakkusu Uingu Gantoretto)

CSJ soundgauntlet
  • Explosive Sound Wing Gauntlet (爆裂サウンド ウイングガントレッド Bakuretsu Saundo Uingu Gantoreddo)

A1CMvQsLocL. AC SY679
  • Electronic Command Jet Simulator (電子指令ジェットシミュレーター Denshi Shirei Jetto Shimyurētā)

DX Mecha

CSJ DXicarus
  • DX Chogokin Sky Combination Jet Icarus (DX 超合金 天空合体ジェットイカロス Derakkusu Chōgōkin Tenkū Gattai Jetto Ikarosu)[2]

CSJ DXgaruda
  • Super Dreadnought DX Jet Garuda (超弩級 DX ジェットガルーダ Chōdokyū Derakkusu Jetto Garūda)[3]

CSJ DXtetra
  • DX Tetraboy (DX テトラボーイ Derakkusu Tetora Bōi)[4]

CSJ DXgreaticarus
  • DX Great Icarus (DX グレートイカロス Derakkusu Gurēto Ikarosu)

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures


Five Chogokin Style figures of the Jetman team. Each figure is packaged with a Bird Blaster, Bringer Sword, and wings that attach to the figure's back.

  • Red Hawk
  • Black Condor
  • Blue Swallow
  • Yellow Owl
  • White Swan

Figure & Vehicle Sets

CSJ jetstriker

PlaDelu Jet Striker (プラデラ ジェットストライカー Puradera Jetto Sutoraikā): A set of a Red Hawk figure and his buggy, Jet Striker. Red Hawk comes with a Bird Blaster, Bringer Sword, and wings.


PlaDelu Black Jet Speeder (プラデラ ブラックジェットスピーダー Puradera Burakku Jetto Supīdā) and PlaDelu Blue Jet Speeder (プラデラ ブルージェットスピーダー Puradera Burū Jetto Supīdā): Sets of toy motorcycles with action figures. Both the Black Condor set and Blue Swallow set were sold separately. Both sets included a Bird Blaster, Bringer Sword, wings, and targets of Vyram villains.


PlaDelu Jet Bouncer (プラデラ ジェットバンサー Puradera Jetto Bansā): A set of Yellow Owl and White Swan figures with their four-wheeler, Jet Bouncer. A Bird Blaster, Bringer Sword, and wings are included for both figures.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

CSJ PDicarus

PlaDelu Jet Icarus (プラデラ ジェットイカロス Puradera Jetto Ikarosu): A non-transforming figure of Jet Icarus. An additional Jet Hawk part is included in order to form Icarus Haken. It has launching fists and comes with the Birdonic Sabre and Wing Shield.

CSJ PDgaruda

PlaDelu Jet Garuda (プラデラ ジェットガルーダ Puradera Jetto Garūda): A figure that can transform between aircraft and robot forms.

CSJ PDgreat

PlaDelu Great Icarus (プラデラ グレートイカロス Puradera Gurēto Ikarosu): A figure with light and sound gimmicks. It can transform from Bird Garuda into Great Icarus.

Sentai Robo Collection


Released through 1992 and 1993, the Sentai Robo Collection (戦隊ロボコレクション Sentai Robo Korekushon) was a line of 8.5 cm die-cast figures of the then-current and past Sentai robots.

  • Sentai Robo Collection Jet Icarus (戦隊ロボコレクション ジェットイカロス Sentai Robo Korekushon Jetto Ikarosu)
  • Sentai Robo Collection Jet Garuda (戦隊ロボコレクション ジェットガルーダ Sentai Robo Korekushon Jetto Garūda)

S.H. Figuarts

Akibaranger jetman

Screenshot from Akibaranger Season Tsuu

Main article: S.H. Figuarts

In 2012, Bandai released Red Hawk and Black Condor as part of the S.H. Figuarts line. Both figures include five pairs of hands, a Bringer Sword, Bird Blaster, Jet Hand Cannon, Wing Gauntlet, and wings. Red Hawk was also packaged with the Jet Winger Ludicrous Power from Akibaranger.

Figures for the other three members appeared in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season Tsuu, however, they were never released for retail sale.

Vinyl Figures

CSJ 5set

Jetman 5 Set (ジェットマン5セット Jettoman Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall Jetman soft vinyl dolls.

CSJ CTsofubi

Jet Hero (ジェットヒーロー Jetto Hīrō): Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. Red Hawk
  2. Black Condor
  3. Yellow Owl
  4. Blue Swallow
  5. White Swan

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
CSJ MPicarus

Minipla Jet Icarus (ミニプラ ジェットイカロス Minipura Jetto Ikarosu)

  1. Jet Hawk
  2. Jet Owl
  3. Jet Swallow
  4. Jet Swan
  5. Jet Condor
  • Each package contained a Cross Changer

CSJ MProbotrio

Minipla Jet Robo Trio (ミニプラ ジェットロボトリオ Minipura Jetto Robo Torio)

  1. Jet Icarus
  2. Great Icarus
  3. Jet Garuda

Super Minipla

CSJ superminipla

Super Mini-Pla Sky Combination Jet Icarus (スーパーミニプラ 天空合体 ジェットイカロス Sūpā Minipura Tenkū Gattai Jetto Ikarosu)

Super Mini-Pla Superdreadnought Jet Garuda (スーパーミニプラ 超弩級 ジェットガルーダ Sūpā Minipura Chōdokyū Jetto Garūda)

Roleplay Items


Jet Transformation Kit (ジェット変身キット Jetto Henshin Kitto)

  1. Bird Blaster
  2. Bringer Sword
  3. Corresponder
  4. Emblem Formation
  5. Jet Belt


CSJ CTmachines

Jet Runners (ジェットランナー Jetto Ran'nā)

  1. Jet Striker
  2. Jet Bouncer
  3. Black Jet Runner

CharaEgg Sentai Hero Series (キャラエッグ 戦隊ヒーローシリーズ) was a line of mini figures in blind boxes. This second and final set consisted of 17 different figures, including the Jetman team along with the Gaorangers and Denziman . A display box was also released and included figures of a Dustler, Grinam Soldier, and two Orgettes: one with standard colors and a red version.



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