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The Jet Zord is Steel’s personal Zord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


The Jet Zord's driver interface does not require a Beast Bot, just a pilot utilizing his Striker Saber. However, the pilot of the Jet Zord, Steel happens to be a Beast Bot himself. It is rested on top of Wrecker Zord during transport from the Zord bay.

With the Wrecker Zord, it can perform a joint finishing move named the Jet Zord Collider Crash where the Wrecker Zord catches the target with the crane arm as the Jet Zord lands on the extended limb and uses it as an airplane catapult to launch itself straight into the Gigadrone or enemy.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21


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Scarab Mode

The Jet Zord Scarab Mode is the Jet Zord's Animal Mode. It has the ability to collect Morph-X from its opponents. It is formed by typing 'JZS' into the keypad.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes 9

Beast Racer Megazord

The Jet Zord can combine with Racer Zord. In this combination, the Megazord has the ability to fly, using Beast Jet Zord's thrusters as a jetpack.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes TBA

Other Combinations

The Beast Jet Zord is part of other combinations such as:



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