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The Jet Zord is Steel’s personal Zord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


The Jet Zord's driver interface does not require a Beast Bot, just a pilot utilizing his Striker Saber. However, the pilot of the Jet Zord, Steel happens to be a Beast Bot himself. It is rested on top of Wrecker Zord during transport from the Zord bay.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes 9, 11, 15


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Scarab Mode

The Jet Zord Scarab Mode is the Jet Zord's Animal Mode. It has the ability to collect Morph-X from its opponents. It is formed by typing 'JZS' into the keypad.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes 9

Beast Racer Megazord

The Jet Zord can combine with Racer Zord. In this combination, the Megazord has the ability to fly, using Beast Jet Zord's thrusters as a jetpack.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Episodes TBA

Other Combinations

The Beast Jet Zord is part of other combinations such as:



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