This article is about a/an evil zord in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
Jetbot cockpit

The cockpit.

The Jet Robot is (as the name suggest) a giant mech that resembles a jet, it is piloted by Mig and Benglo.


This giant jet-themed robot was built by Mig and Benglo. It was their secret weapon, and they used it to attack the city while the Overdrive Rangers and Thor were battling Flurious and his Chillers. Mack, Ronny, Dax, Will and Rose, the Overdrive Rangers came to the city and summon the Zords, they combined the Zords to form the DriveMax Megazord and engaged it in battle while Thor and Tyzonn dealt with Flurious. The DriveMax Megazord was overwhelmed by the Jet Robot's shear power until Tyzonn joined the fight in the Flashpoint Megazord. Both Megazords were losing, tho right before the Jet Robot could make the final strike, Thor attacked the robot with his hammer. Greatly weaking the mech, The Rangers then form the DriveMax Ultrazord, the Flash Point Megazord used the Hydro BLast to do a great deal of damage to the Jet Robot, and then the Drivemax Ultrazord destroyed the Jet Robot for good with the Chest Blast. It's Hammer Time

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Despite its appearance, the Jet Robot posses super strength, being able to pick up the Flash Point Megazord and throw it at the Drivemax Megazord with ease.
  • Flight: The Jet Robot can fly in high speeds.
  • Head Butt: The Jet Robot can do a head butt, it is powerful enough to send the Drivemax Megazord flying in just one hit.


  • Blades: The Jet Robot posses a paor of long blades on both of it's arms which it can use in combat.
    • Energy Slash: The Jet Robot can charge up its blades with red energy and slash at full force at the enemy.


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