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Jet Flying Squirrel (ジェットムササビ Jettomusasabi, 46) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining the attributes of a jet engine and a flying squirrel

Character History

Jet Flying Squirrel was created for the usage by the Jashinka of a special relief that they held on to containing the power of the Greek monster Medusa; with both eyes within the relief, it would allow it to turn anyone who stares right into it into stone. Though the Jashinka held one of the Medusa eyes, the other was found by a boy wandering through the woods, whom they pursue with Rei trying to protect him. Ultimately during an attack, Jet Flying Squirrel gets the other eye and uses its power to turn the kid into stone; when the Dynaman initially try to stop it, they are forced to hide their eyes to prevent it from attacking them, even with the Mechavolution Beast using a bowgun to force them to look. With the Dynaman neutralized, Jet Flying Squirrel flies through the city causing chaos due to turning people into stone disrupting even machines being operated by them.

In order to stop it, Rei sets up a scheme where she tries to lure Jet Flying Squirrel to a tennis court and then uses a mirror to allow for her to attack it with her sword to destroy the Medusa relief, doing so inspired by the Perseus legend and how he defeated the real Medusa. DynaPink strikes it multiple times even without the power of the Medusa relief before the Dynaman stop it with New Super Dynamite. After growing with the Big Bang Beam, it holds off the Dynaman with the bowgun until they hit it with a Tornado Spark before finishing with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Jet Flying Squirrel has the ability to fly, enhanced with his main combined attribute being a jet; he also has a bowgun for his right hand with explosive arrows. Its main attribute, though, is the usage of a relief of the Greek monster Medusa on the torso, which can turn anyone into stone as in the legend when both eyes are within it. This relief is on Jet Flying Squirrel's belly during combat.


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Behind the Scenes

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