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"I can be your best friend, boys, or I can be your worst nightmare. The decision is up to you, but in the meantime, I suggest that you MOVE IT!"
―Lt. Stone, chewing out Bulk and Skull[src]

Lieutenant (later Detective) Jerome B. Stone is a member of the Angel Grove Police and the trainer at the Angel Grove Junior Police Academy. He is often seen as the superior and straight-man to the antics of his charges Bulk and Skull.


Jerome Stone first appears in the Ninja Quest four-parter, where he is the head of the Junior Police Patrol. He takes charge of the Junior Police Patrol's training program, pushing the applicants during their run through the obstacle course. He is not pleased with Bulk and Skull's effort but nonetheless allows them to join.

For the remainder of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' third season and the first half of Zeo, Stone is constantly irritated by Bulk and Skull's antics, as the two consistently screw up at the tasks they are assigned. This comes to a head in the Power Rangers Zeo episode Bulk Fiction. Due to Bulk hitting on the Police Chief's daughter and him and Skull making a mess out of the department's headquarters, Stone is fired for failure to supervise. Bulk and Skull also quit, though unlike previous occasions Stone is thankful for what happened. He decides to follow his dreams and opens his own private detective agency, with Bulk and Skull working for him in this new capacity.

Shortly after this, Bulk and Skull decide to leave this job and accept an offer to become spies for the French government. Stone isn't too pleased but wishes them the best. Although he knows they'll be back.

By the time of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Stone (again with Bulk and Skull) has taken work as a stadium security guard and mentions that he is trying to get them rehired into the police force. He is later formally reinstated into the police in the first episode of Power Rangers Turbo (it's unclear if he still operates his private eye agency). This is only for a short time, as when Ernie is called away on the Peace Corps, Stone officially retires and takes over the Angel Grove Youth Center for his friend. At this point, he fills Ernie's role for the duration of Power Rangers Turbo. After Bulk and Skull are turned into chimpanzees by Elgar, Stone adopts the pair, not realizing they are in fact his former employees. He does state the apes remind him of the duo. During this time, Bulk and Skull execute many schemes in hopes of making clear they are in fact humans. These schemes always fail hopelessly, with Stone frequently suffering whatever damage the two chimps cause.

Stone is revealed to have a nephew named Arnie Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Puppet Blaster and a niece named Jenny Hunter.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Cars Attacks

When Bulk and Skull are turned back into humans during the second half of Turbo, Stone tries to help the duo by finding a job for them. Predictably, Bulk and Skull manage to mess up each of these jobs, mostly because of the intervention of one of Divatox's monsters, forcing Stone to find a new job for them.

After the Rangers become Space Rangers, they are no longer shown spending time at the Youth Center. The Surf Spot becomes their new (albeit very rarely seen) hangout spot.

Presumably, Stone is still living in Angel Grove during the United Alliance of Evil's attack on Earth and is present when the Rangers reveal their identities to the public, as well as when Zordon's energy wave turns the evil forces to dust. However, he did not join Bulk and Skull in leading the fight for the city.


Lt. Stone is super strict when he catches Bulk and Skull shouting and arguing or clowning around when they're supposed to be working. While he gives his cadets on the Junior Police Patrol a hard time, this stems solely from his role as a police trainer. However, when he opens his own detective agency and later takes over the Youth Center, Stone is shown to be as helpful as Ernie, often giving the teens advice and helping out with their problems. Nevertheless, he maintains a somewhat short fuse when dealing with Bulk and Skull, whose buffoonery cause constant headaches for the good lieutenant.


Behind the Scenes



  • Stone was originally a minor character during Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' third season, but he was given lead status for Zeo, appearing in most episodes and the opening credits.
  • Stone is a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, having even written his own book on the subject ("How To Know Good Joe"). Tvicon.png TV STORY-Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise
  • Stone displays many parallels to Mr. Caplan. Both are strict authority figures. Both frequently have to deal with the antics of Bulk and Skull and both frequently punish the duo for their behavior.