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"The Quasar Sabers."

Jera is the wise man (or Sage) of the tribe on the planet Mirinoi, who recounted the legend of the Quasar Sabers to at least two generations of his tribe. Prior to Furio's attack on the planet, he retold the legend to a group of his people as Maya joined them. Afterward, several of the participants attempted to pull the sabers from the stone to no avail.

When Furio ransacked the village, he demanded that Jera tell him how to release the sabers from the stone, threatening bodily harm until Maya (who'd fled from the scene and was transported to the Moon) and three civilians from Terra Venture (Mike Corbett, Kendrix Morgan and Leo Corbett) intervened, Maya telling Furio not touch the old man. Jera was able to witness Kai Chen, Damon Henderson and the others (sans Leo, who would later gain the power of the Red Quasar Saber from his brother before his "death") pull the sabers from the stone before Furio turned the planet and it's inhabitants into stone. Jera was among the last of the people in his village to become petrified, he told Maya to run and was engulfed by Furio's spell.

After the people of Terra Venture unknowingly land on Mirinoi, the Galaxy Rangers are able to revive the planet and its people when they return the sabers to the stone. Jera and Kendrix are among those revived, leading to a joyous celebration.

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