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Jennifer "Jen" Scotts is Time Force Pink and leader of the Time Force Rangers.

Character History


Time Force Rangers in Shattered Grid

During the events of Shattered Grid, Jen and her fellow Time Force Rangers, including Wes, observe a crack in space-time. As they approach it, a blast of energy comes out, and Trip, Katie, and Lucas are flung into the anomaly. Wes pilots the Time Force Megazord into the path of the anomaly, allowing Jen to barely escape before being captured by Lord Drakkon, with the Time Force Megazord and Wes seemingly killed.


Jen escaping from the Megazord

Jen arrives in the present as Kimberly is battling Drakkon after he has killed Tommy. Using her V-Weapon alongside Kim, they are able to drive Drakkon away. Jen collapses while Kim goes to Tommy and pleads with him to be alive.

She awakens and explains the situation and how each different Ranger team seems to have been splintered into their own pocket universes and offers her an alliance to help the Rangers take down Drakkon.

During a preparation for a final battle against Drakkon, she reunites with Eric, thus as one of the two known surviving Time Force Rangers.

By the time when Drakkon achieved his final evolution and alter the reality with the Heart of the Master, Jen and Lauren Shiba are the only two Rangers from outside the Mighty Morphin team to appear in Drakkon's altered reality, having had lost their memories until the revived Tommy recovered the memories of his original teammates, including Jen and Lauren, as well as reviving the Emissaries Three. With Drakkon finally defeated and the Emissaries begin to restore the fabric of reality, time and space of the multiverses and timelines, Jen and Lauren bids the Mighty Morphin team a final farewell and return to their respective timelines, but will someday meet again in another time, even after their memories relating to Shattered Grid are erased.




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