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"I promised Alex that I was going to capture Ransik. I'm not going to break that promise."
―Jen Scotts

Officer Jennifer "Jen" Scotts is Time Force Pink and current leader[1] of the Time Force Rangers


This article contains content in reference to the main TV series, as well as supplemental material, such as the comics. A sliding/floating timeline applies. Story instances for TV and other media will be clearly marked.

Time Force

In the distant future of the year 3000, Jen was an officer for the Time Force Police, which has nearly eradicated crime. The only remaining villain was a mutant named Ransik. Jen was present - as were many other Time Force operatives - when the Red Time Force Ranger, Alex, managed to arrest Ransik and take him for trial.

Jen similarly attended the trial with Alex, whom she had been dating for some time and who, it is later revealed, was also the one that had helped her pass the Time Force entrance exam. When she was a rookie, she hadn't been able to handle the pressure and nearly quit until she met Alex who helped her through it. She described him as the one person she knew she could always trust. With Ransik captured, Alex proposed to Jen and she accepted his offer. Whether anything could have come from this relationship is unknown, because Jen and her team were waylaid while transporting Ransik to the Cryo Prison. Though they attempted to chase him down, they arrived just in time to see Ransik strike down Alex before escaping into the past. With his final breath, Alex charged her and her team (Lucas, Trip, and Katie) with traveling into the past and apprehending Ransik again. He gave her his Red Chrono Morpher, and informed her of four similar Chrono Morphers that they could use to become Time Force Rangers. Distraught by the apparent death of her lover, she did as he had asked and traveled to the year 2001, where she and the others were stranded in the fictional town of Silver Hills.

Unfortunately, as the four Time Force operatives discovered, the four Chrono Morphers would not work without the Red Chrono Morpher. They were forced to recruit Wesley Collins, a local man with a genetic resemblance to Alex, despite Jen's objections. Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the team.

Jen facing Fatcatfish.

Seeing only the differences between Wes and Alex, she refused to let Wes join the team & scolds him, until Trip shares with him her tragic loss behind Jen's back. It took some time, but she was finally able to accept him for who he is. In return, Wes helped them adjust to 21st century life - by providing an abandoned clock tower as a place to stay, and present-day clothes. Discovering that the clock tower had once been home to a business ("Nick of Time Odd Jobs"), Jen decided to open the store for their keep. Wes eventually left his rich lifestyle behind for good to live with Jen and the Rangers who welcomed him with open arms. When Wes' father, Mr. Collins, discovered the identities of the Rangers, he attempted to hire them behind Wes' back as revenge, but Jen (and the others) refused his offer.

Over time, Jen developed true affection for Wes. However, when Alex mysteriously returned, seemingly from the dead, and stripped Wes of the Red Time Force Ranger powers, Jen found herself asking which of them she loved more. Alex had become bitter and stern, "following the book" to the degree that he would accept no suggestions beyond his own, unlike Wes who was team-oriented and friendly. Ironically, it was the differences between Wes and Alex that made her choose Wes. When Alex's actions nearly caused them to lose to Dragontron, Lucas' rebellion brought Trip and Katie against Alex for the way he treated everyone, calling Wes the better Ranger and getting Alex to give up his Morpher to Wes. Wes immediately proves Jen right by easily destroying Dragontron when Alex had a hard time. Alex returned to the future, finally convinced that Wes was right for the job. Wes also seems to change Alex back a bit as he saves Mr. Collins, admitting that Wes changed his views. Alex is revealed to still deeply care for Jen because as soon as he hears that she's in trouble he sends Wes the Strata Cycle saying that since he's not there himself he trusts Wes to take care of Jen for him. This causes Wes to start to back off because he thinks Jen and Alex are still perfect for each other (after what Alex did he can understand what Jen saw in him) not realizing that Jen was starting to fall for him more. Wes makes sure to inform Jen of Alex's actions at a moment when she was seemingly about to admit her feelings for him.

The romance between Jen and Wes would not last long after that, as a rift in time started to form over Silver Hills as Ransik prepared his final assault. In response, Wes traps Jen and the other Rangers in their own time ship, set to travel back to 3000. Upon arrival, Jen learns from Alex that Wes was killed in the eventual fight which devastated her. Furthermore, Jen and the other Rangers had to, by Time Force policy, have their memories of the past wiped clean. Not wanting to lose Wes, either from his death or from having her memory wiped clean, Jen chooses to return back in time to help him in battle as the other rangers followed, while at the same time, formally ending her engagement with Alex. While heartbroken, Alex allowed them to go and instructs Jen to use the Time Force Megazord to get to the past as it has the best chance of surviving the trip, to which Jen thanks him for the advice.

Wes and Jen say goodbye.

The Rangers return to the past in time to save Wes and help defeat Doomtron and Ransik's Cyclobot army. Jen and the other Rangers then faced Ransik himself, but were quickly defeated. Jen lured Ransik into a nearby warehouse where he blasted at what he believed to be Jen, but was actually a repentant Nadira who was protecting a human baby. As Jen watched in shock, Ransik realized the error of his ways and surrendered to the Rangers. A stunned Jen handcuffed Ransik, completing their mission. Afterwards, the Rangers were forced to return to their own time. Jen left Wes her Time Force Badge and finally told Wes she loves him which Wes sadly returned. Jen then returned to the future with the other Rangers seen off by Mr. Collins, Eric, and the Silver Guardians.

Wild Force

The Return of Jen

Jen returned to the past when she was assigned to track down the three mysterious Mut-Orgs (Rofang, Kired, and Takach), but had apparently disappeared. Her travels took her back in time to 2002, where she saves the Wild Force Rangers and Silver Guardians from being destroyed by the Mut-Orgs.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1]

Jen and Alyssa against Putrids

During her return to the past, she met with Wes, who was upset that she was in the past for a week and did not contact him. Jen apologizes and it is clear that she and Wes are still deeply in love with each other, Jen and the other Rangers had a Circuit's call from the future, listening that the other Time Force Rangers returned to the past, the Time Force Rangers have a reunion after much time until Ransik and Nadira appears she try to attack Ransik but she is interfered by Trip and Cole, in the Animarium she like the other Rangers they found out that Ransik created the Mut-Orgs she decided give another opportunity to Ransik and and forgive him what he did to him in the past, when the Time Force Rangers spend the night at the Animarium, Jen and Wes spend the night hugging, joining forces with them and the other Time Force Rangers from the future. The Rangers, Ransik and Nadira go to the power plant and divide into groups. Alyssa and Jen fight the Putrids to give Trip and Circuit time to shut down the reactor.

Jen and her team reunited with the Wild Force Rangers

Soon, all the Rangers gather to face the Mut-Orgs. Jen and Alyssa Enrilé in their ranger forms defeat Kired with a motorized jump kick, Jen and the other Time Force Rangers, the Wild Force Rangers are regrouped by the Red Rangers with their battlizers attacking with the Chrono Blsters and Christal sabers destroy the Mut-Orgs. battle now won, the Rangers rush back to Ransik and Nadira, Jen liked the other Rangers to witness Ransik's retention, They all return to the Animarium for a picnic.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2]

Dino Thunder

The Time Force Rangers were featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legacy of Power

Super Megaforce

Jen is seen with the Time Force Rangers.

Jen and the other Time Force Rangers returned as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Sins of the Future

to be added


In the year 3016, Jen becomes a professor at the Time Force Academy. After being attacked by the Alliance (a band of rogue Time Force officers) she instructs 5 new recruits to go back to the year 1994 and chase after the shadowy figure, giving them the Alpha 55 robot to assist them.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Welcome to Time Force Academy

Street Fighter Showdown

"Nice Move
But my is better
―Jen attacking Ryu

Jen prepares to fight Ryu

Jen as Time Force Pink she struck Ryu Ranger from behind and threw a ball of energy at him, only to be attacked by Chun-Li, who pushes her back with her Lightning Kick, however the Red Ranger and the Phantom Ranger appears to help Jen and the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. for the other hand Ryu and Chun-Li are teleported away to a mysterious temple, Jen and the other evil Rangers are witnesses to this unexpected moment.

Time Force Pink summoned by M.Bison

Later, the Phantom Ranger is summoned amoung various evil Rangers by Mr.Bison's side, He and also prepare to fight the Green Ranger, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger, Ryu Ranger and Chun-Li. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown

Split History

Shattered Grid

Time Force Rangers in Shattered Grid

When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon caused the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a powerset, the Time Force Rangers were split off into their own pocket universe. Jen and her fellow Time Force Rangers, including Wes, observe a crack in space-time. As they approach it, a blast of energy comes out, and Trip, Katie, and Lucas are flung into the anomaly. Wes pilots the Time Force Megazord into the path of the anomaly, allowing Jen to barely escape before being captured by Lord Drakkon, with the Time Force Megazord and Wes seemingly killed.

Jen escaping from the Megazord

Jen arrives in the present as Kimberly is battling Drakkon after he has killed Tommy. Using her V-Weapon alongside Kim, they are able to drive Drakkon away. Jen collapses while Kim goes to Tommy and pleads with him to be alive.

She awakens and explains the situation and how each different Ranger team seems to have been splintered into their own pocket universes and offers her an alliance to help the Rangers take down Drakkon.

During a preparation for a final battle against Drakkon, she reunites with Eric, thus as one of the two known surviving Time Force Rangers.

By the time when Drakkon achieved his final evolution and alter the reality with the Heart of the Master, Jen and Lauren Shiba are the only two Rangers from outside the Mighty Morphin team to appear in Drakkon's altered reality, having had lost their memories until the revived Tommy recovered the memories of his original teammates, including Jen and Lauren, as well as reviving the Emissaries Three. With Drakkon finally defeated and the Emissaries begin to restore the fabric of reality, time and space of the multiverses and timelines, Jen and Lauren bids the Mighty Morphin team a final farewell and return to their respective timelines, but will someday meet again in another time, even after their memories relating to Shattered Grid are erased.

Video game Appearances

Power Rangers Key Scanner

Pink Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Jen as Pink Time Force Ranger appears in the app videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner, amoung various other Rangers teams.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Pink Time Force Ranger as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Pink Time Force Ranger is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, This may be due to the then focus on Post Zordon-era characters, resulting in the developers adding Jennifer Scotts well before the poll was released,she is a Rare (Leader), Rare (Assist) character,and represents Time Force Rangers with Eric and Wes.

Battle for The Grid

Time Force Pink Ranger inBattle For The Grid.

Jen is a playable character at-launch for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. she uses her Chrono Sabers primarily as her weapons.

Time Force Pink Ranger

Ranger Costume




Appearances: TF Episodes 2-23, 25-38, 40, WF Episode 25, SM Episodes 20 & LBEV

Morph and Roll Call

Ranger Key

The Time Force Pink Ranger Key.

The Time Force Pink Ranger Key is Jen's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Emma Goodall (Super Megaforce Pink) who uses it to fight as the Pink Time Force Ranger.

  • Among several Legendary Ranger modes as she and the others fought against the Armada.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Surprise

Behind the Scenes


Concept Art

Jen Scotts/Time Force Pink Sins of the Future concept Art


Jen in her promotional artwork

  • The Pink Time Force Ranger was a part of the Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade at the Disney-MGM Studios.
  • Jen is the first and only Pink Ranger to serve as a team leader.
  • Alex calls her Jennifer, her full name, and is the only person to do so while everyone else opts for "Jen."
  • Jen's surname, Scotts, was never said on the show and is only seen in official Power Rangers related media releases.
  • Jen appears in the Twitch RPG, Power Rangers Hyperforce.
  • Under Alex's leadership, Jen is the only Pink Ranger to have been second-in-command.


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