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"I was hoping I’d catch you, little Power Fishies. Na ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Jellyfish Warrior's first words after throwing the Power Rangers off of him after their jump attack.[src]

"Ya ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm the big fish in this pond now, Power Rangers!"
―The Jellyfish Warrior upon being grown.[src]

"Nooo! Eeeeeeyarh!"
―The Jellyfish Warrior's final words before his destruction.[src]

Jellyfish Warrior was a jellyfish monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Reign of the Jellyfish".


Rita has Finster create the Jellyfish Warrior to destroy the Power Rangers but, presumably due to his power level, needs time to create. In the meantime, Rita wants to get her photograph in a time capsule the Rangers are making to be remembered in 100 years time. Once Squatt, Baboo, and the Putty Patrol fail to grab the time capsule Rita sends the Jellyfish Warrior to Earth in retaliation.

The Jellyfish Warrior appears in Angel Grove Park and menaces a large group of people. The Rangers soon appear to confront him and jump atop his head with their Blade Blasters only for him to throw them all off.

The Jellyfish Warrior proves to be a very powerful opponent for the Rangers who even makes the Rangers retreat by hitting them with a devastating spray of acid. When they return from the Command Center, now shielded against his stinger blasts by a special spray Alpha has designed, he blasts them to no avail so summon a squad of Putties.

Once they are dealt with, he fires a spray of acidic mist which they dodge but destroys a bench. Seeing this, Kimberly and Trini team up and throw a Power Dagger and launch a Power Bow arrow. However, the monster withdraws a umbrella shield which the weapons bounce off of and the Jellyfish Warrior blasts Billy and Zack down. Jason then tries to take him on with his Power Sword but the monster teleports all over the place and kicks him down. Then, as the team regroup, he teleports the Rangers to another dimension by twirling his umbrella in a mesmerizing way.

In his dimension, Jellyfish Warrior was intangible due to going out of sync with time and the Rangers can't harm him but Billy tells Zack that a shot from his Power Axe in cannon mode will return them to Earth. They do it and return but the direct blast also means that the Jellyfish Warrior is weakened so Zack takes him down with a single slash of his Power Axe.

However, the Jellyfish Warrior is still alive and recovers so Jason calls for the Power Blaster. However, before they can form it, Rita enlarges the Jellyfish.

The Rangers then summons their Dinozords and fire the Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger's tail blasts but the Jellyfish Warrior deflects the blasts with his umbrella. Unfortunately for him, Zack and the Mastodon blast him with icy breath which makes him drop his umbrella and fall as they form the Megazord. The monster very easily overwhelms the Rangers by teleporting around faster than they can react and bashing them before he charges to finish them off.

In desperation, Jason summons the Power Sword and stabs him in the chest before throwing him to the ground. With the monster's tentacles damaged and the Jellyfish Warrior crippled as a result, they destroy him with an energized slash. All the Jellyfish Warrior can do is yell "no!" before spinning to the ground and imploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reign of the Jellyfish

Four years later, the Jellyfish Warrior is among the monsters who aid in Rita and Lord Zedd's attack on the Vica Galaxy and is destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave. It can be presumed that Finster recreated him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


The Jellyfish Warrior was a cunning, intelligent, strong and resourceful beast. He was a formidable opponent for the Power Rangers, and they had to work hard to defeat him. However, he was also genuinely loyal to Rita and later Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Toxic Spray: The Jellyfish Warrior could fire white smoke from the palm of his right hand capable of destroying a park bench and could have killed the Rangers had they been protected by Alpha's spray.
  • Sting Blasts: The Jellyfish Warrior's signature attack where he fired red lasers from behind his left fore and middle fingers. This severely injured the Rangers and forced them to retreat.
  • Teleportation: The Jellyfish Warrior could teleport to any location at will.
    • Instant Teleportation: The Jellyfish Warrior's teleportation ability also allowed him to instantly teleport around the battlefield quickly enough to avoid strikes from the Megazord.
  • ​​​Intangibility: Whilst inside of his devilish dimension, the Jellyfish Warrior was completely intangible.


  • Strength: The Jellyfish Warrior easily threw all five Rangers off of him and single slaps sent the Rangers to the ground. When giant, he knocked the Megazord back with a single kick and kept a grip on the Power Sword.


  • High Power Energy Blasts: Hitting the Jellyfish Warrior with a powerful energy burst (such as Zack's Power Axe in Cannon Mode) forced him and his victims out of his home dimension and vulnerable to further attack.
  • Cold: The Jellyfish Warrior was extremely vulnerable to the cold (like real jellyfish) to the point that he both lost his umbrella and was sent flying by the Mastodon's ice breath.
  • Tentacles: Although the Jellyfish Warrior's tentacles were very strong as swinging weapons, they are also very fragile and an injury can cause the monster crippling pain which makes him easy to finish off.


  • Tentacles: The Jellyfish Warrior had long white tentacles in place of fingers on his left hand that he could use to whip his enemies as if they were a knight's flail.
  • Umbrella Shield: The Jellyfish Warrior's only weapon was an pink umbrella with pink veins running through it that can deflect even the Sabretooth Tiger and Triceratops' energy blasts.
    • Dimensions Traveling: The Jellyfish Warrior could teleport himself and the Rangers into another dimension by twirling his umbrella.

Behind the Scenes



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The finalized Jellyfish Warrior suit

  • The Jellyfish came from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • Although the picture at the top of the page shows him with umbrella like mushrooms on his shoulders, the final suit design lacked them.
  • The Jellyfish Warrior was the first monster in the franchise to say a line immediately after growing. This would become a staple in later seasons starting with the Disney era.