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Jellyfish Canth (クラゲカンス Kuragekansu, 29) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, used by the combo of Mason, Farrah and Monster alongside Messer Beast


An jellyfish-themed Mecha Gigan with two bodies: a main physical body armed with a missile launcher for each hand and a floating head that can emit electrical shocks for attack.


Jellyfish Canth is a Mecha-Gigan set up as part of a major scheme by Gear to set off multiple "black hole bombs" simultaneously using its electrical ability in order to suck Tokyo into a massive, combined black hole and make it vanish. Due to Nanbara investigating the brother of a boy who inadvertently discovered the actions of Gear, he leads Bioman into facing the Mecha-Gigan before it can set off all the bombs. After a tough battle, Bioman defeat the giant body with Super Maser's Dashing Beam, then with the main head with Straight Flash.


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