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Jella is one of three Space Beasts allied with Queen Ahames, working alongside her during the scheme to access the power of the Rigel Aura

Character History

A feminine snake-like Space Beast with dark black hair. Her main abilities are the Psycho Beam, which can psychically control and attack, as well as the Snake Hair, which allows for her to control her hair and use it to strangle her enemies. Alongside Gizan and Davon, she makes up a trio of Space Beasts utilized by Ahames when she makes her move in taking over the main Gozma forces.

Although causing major problems to the Changeman on her own, she is a greater nuisance after Ahames further uses her "Hard Attack" to seal away the Earth Force from the team. Oozora becomes her major target as he tries to find another source of Earth Force thinking it would reappear after Kukku's sacrifice. In a battle where the Changeman are surrounded, they summon the Power Bazooka aiming it for Gizan, but end up destroying Jella instead when Ahames protects him with a Hard Wall, the team knowing that their shell still had no effect on them made worse with the Hard Attack sealing their powers. After Gyodai rebuilds her, she causes even more problems due to her ability to walk through the Hard Walls with psychic powers, allowing for her to retreat before the Changeman can attack her. During a moment she attacks, the team seize her and paralyze her with their Change Robo Beam before destroying her with Dengeki-Ken. Ep. 35: Earth!! Help Us!


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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