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"At your command. (.....) I have a lead, yes."
―Jeeruda's first words[src]

Corrosion Psyma Beast Jeeruda is a moth-headed Psyma Beast who serves Evil Spirit Princess Denus.

Character History

Jeeruda was brought forth by Denus in a scheme to gain access to the caustic mold known as Triple XXX, which was being transported on special assignment by Capital City's helicopter division so it would not break free. Jeeruda attacked the facility, puncturing a hole within the suitcase and releasing the mold upon the compound trapping all those, including Shou, within out of fear of the mold spreading and causing wider damages. The other four Tatsumi face and defeat Jeeruda with their "Brotherhood Attack" before it is revived and grown by Pierre. However while Victory Robo is formed, the team cannot fully attack it due to all five members needing to be within the mecha to activate the Braver Sword while Shou remained trapped within the mold-infested room. With the singing encouragement of eldest brother Matoi, Shou finally finds the keycard to activate the suitcase's disinfectant, then retakes his Go Brace from his father Mondo and rejoins the team where they finally activate the Braver Sword and destroy Jeeruda with Victory Prominence.


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His main ability is the spitting of an acid which corrodes whatever touches it

Behind the Scenes

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  • Although Jeeruda only appeared in the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue video game (where he was named Abominus) and not the TV series, his right arm was used as a component for the Mut-Org Takach.
  • The reason for being unused on the TV series of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was either time constrictions or the entire suit was too damaged.
  • Although unused in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue TV Show, the Green Hover Scene Footage was used in the Lightspeed Rescue and Lost Galaxy team-up episode Trakeena's Revenge.

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