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Jasmeet "Jazz" Baduwalia plays Ravi Shaw, the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


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Personal life

Baduwalia got accepted to Take 2 Performers Studio in Reno, Nevada.



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In Archive Footage

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  • In an Instagram post, Jazz said he was the first Indian actor to portray a Ranger in the franchise. This is true, as he was born in India, coming from Punjab State. However, both William Shewfelt, who played Brody in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and Naomi Scott, who portrayed the 2017 film's version of Kimberly, have mothers of Indian origin.
  • He is also the fourth Ranger actor to have a YouTube channel after Ciara Hanna, who played Gia Moran in Power Rangers Megaforce,Brennan Meija, who played Tyler Navarro in Power Rangers Dino Charge & Jason David Frank who played Tommy Oliver in MMPR, Zeo, Turbo and Dino Thunder.

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