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"Ah, Zoey! I’m Jax! I'm here to make sure you're fast and efficient!"
―Jax presents himself to his new partner Zoey[src]

"I hate when people call me cute."

"Worthless, I can take. But, no one calls me little! NOW!"
― Jax signals the rangers to attack Railtron[src]

"Jax linked!"
―Jax linking to the Chopper Zord[src]

Jax as the controls to the Chopper Zord.

Jax is the robotic jackrabbit companion of Zoey Reeves, the Yellow Beast Morphers Ranger. He assists her in training and serves as an interface for the Chopper Zord.

Character History

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When Jax was referred to as being "cute" by Zoey, he expresses that he hates being called cute, a trait that seemed to disappoint Zoey. He also seems to take offense when his size gets picked on, as when Railtron called him a "Worthless Little Bunny," the Beast Bot was more upset at being called "little," rather than worthless.

Beast-X Mode

Yellow Beast-X Mode

As Zoey uses the Beast-X Visor, Jax can transform into data that can transfer and project into the Yellow Beast-X Morph-X Key and combines himself with the suit to form a powerful armor known as Beast-X Mode. Zoey and Jax gains a new attack ability called "Jackrabbit Spin Strike" which allows both of them to jump up into mid air and then spin around while performing a powerful spinning kick at the Robotron.[1]

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 5, 8, 9, 14-19, 21, 22 

Behind the Scenes

Jax is voiced by Emmett Skillton, who previously voiced some monsters in Dino Super Charge and Super Ninja Steel.


  • He speaks in a rough-and-tough New Jersey-like accent.
  • In the toyline, his basic figure is mislabeled as "Jack."
  • In regards to picking up objects, Jax has a claw extension in his arms to grab and pick up objects whereas his Sentai counterpart (Usada) does not have that component and only used its metal arms.
  • Like Usada, the indicator needles on his eyes act as eyebrows.
  • Unlike Smash, Steel and Cruise, Jax is the only Beast Bot not to have a humanoid body since he moves on wheels, making him similar to R2-D2 of the Star Wars franchise , both in appearance and movement.
  • Although he can easily move on his own, he's light enough for a Ranger to carry, as shown when the team returns from the Cyber Dimension.


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