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"Rangers! Ready to be polished off?""
―The Jaws upon growing.[src]

Jaws of Destruction a saw themed monster made by Lord Zedd from a large saw in the school wood shop room. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Forever Friends".


Jaws of Destruction was created by Zedd from a large saw in the Angel Grove High School wood shop room. Zordon told Power Rangers that Jaws of Destruction is one of Zedd's most dangerous monsters and is sent to destroy rangers once and for all. Rangers went to stop the monster. Zedd sent Jaws to attack Angel Grove. Monster attacked the city and encountered rangers. Jaws used in battle his sword like saws, although he didn't show a ferocity in battle, mostly talking trash, only attacking once. Jaws of Destruction wielded huge saw in battle, which he was skilled in using. After the battle with rangers on the ground, Zedd enlarged him. In giant battle he fought Thunder Megazord. However Megazord broke his saws leaving monster helpless in panic and then destroyed villain with Thunder Saber. After his destruction he reverted to his original form of saws. Forever Friends


Jaws of Destruction was a violent and arrogant monster who took pride in wanting to destroy the Power Rangers. However he showed no ferocity in battle, mostly talked trash, only attacked once.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Skilled Fighter


  • Saws

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