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"Yargh! Rangers! I’m gonna cut your fun and games a little short! Ha har!"
―The Jaws of Destruction’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Hey Rangers. I’m inviting some of my friends to meetcha. (...) Okay Putties. Cut ‘em down to size."
―The Jaws of Destruction when confronted by four Power Rangers.[src]

"Rarrrgh! Rangers! Ready to be polished off?"
―The Jaws of Destruction upon growing.[src]

"Rargh! Cut you to ribbons! Rargh! Raaar! C’mere Rangers! I wanna carve my initials in your Zord! Well, what’re you waiting for? An engraved invitation?! Let’s fight! I’m gonna drill you full of steel!"
―The Jaws of Destruction when confronted by the Thunder Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Jaws of Destruction was a wood saw monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Forever Friends".


Jaws of Destruction (creation).jpg

Goldar captures Kimberly and Aisha’s friend Shawna to try and drive a wedge between the Power Rangers which would make them refuse to work together and make conquering Earth a breeze. However, Lord Zedd’s original plan fails miserably because it was very poorly thought out and the Rangers cooperated. To try and rectify this, Zedd creates the Jaws of Destruction is created by Lord Zedd from a large saw in the Angel Grove High School wood shop go destroy them all. In battle, the Jaws of Destruction is a brawler, using giant sword like saws mounted on sticks as his weapons of choice.  Whilst the remaining five Power Rangers discuss how to rescue the hostages, the Jaws of Destruction attacks the Park and Zordon tells the Rangers that the Jaws of Destruction is one of Zedd's most dangerous monsters, the Rangers go to stop the monster's attack on the city. With a conflict of interests, the Power Rangers split up; Tommy and Aisha go to rescue their friends, the other three Power Rangers will tackle the monster. However, when the Rangers arrive, the Jaws of Destruction summons Putties to wipe them out but they are all easily defeated and the Power Rangers go to fight the Jaws of Destruction. However, the monster summons more Putties and the Rangers take a pounding from this batch for some reason.

Once Kimberly is rescued by Tommy and morphs, she joins the other Rangers in slaying the Putties but Tommy has had to remain at the cave due to Goldar appearing. After the Putties are wiped out, Zedd enlarges the Jaws of Destruction with a Growth Bomb to tear them to shreds. Emerging giant from behind some quarry hills, the Jaws of Destruction asks them if they’re ready to be destroyed but Rocky says that it’s his turn for a “good shellacking.” Summoning the Thunderzords, Rocky summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord which the Jaws of Destruction threatens to be “ready to be routed” only for them to form the Thunder Megazord. Even so, the Jaws of Destruction has a traditional Japanese style stare down before screaming insults and insufferable puns at it before charging to “drill them full of steel.” However, the Thunder Megazord (having been completely still up to this point) quickly pulls out the Thunder Saber and delivers a devastating slash across his waist. When the Jaws of Destruction turns, they deliver a second stronger slash down his chest which does makes him drop his saw-blades and allows them to finish him off. The Jaws of Destruction can only writhe and scream in pain before being explosively torn apart.


The Jaws of Destruction was a violent and arrogant monster who spoke almost exclusively in saw-based puns but took pride in wanting to destroy the Power Rangers. However, he proved to be all bark and no bite; mostly talking trash, only attacking once (and even then only as a giant) and was completely pounded by the Thunder Megazord.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Depth Perception: The Jaws of Destruction had depth perception despite having three eyes.
  • Speech: The Jaws of Destruction was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.
  • Putty Summoning: The Jaws of Destruction was able to summon Putties to aid him in battle.


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  • Saw Blades: The Jaws of Destruction carried two massive serrated saw blades mounted on sticks to hack and slash his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Jaws of Destruction’s name was a play on the popular phrase “grasping victory from the jaws of defeat.”
    • However, the actual name doesn’t make sense for this monster since he was a saw monster and not a mouth-based monster in the ilk of Gaburio from 22 years later.
  • The Jaws of Destruction’s counterpart was originally an old Japanese man who could assume a monster like form (from which the Jaws of Destruction originated).
    • Being several hundred years old was also why he put up such a pathetic effort against the Thunder Megazord.
      • His counterpart was also originally a priest like character which is why his basic design resembles a man of the clothe.
  • Footage of his fight appeared four episodes earlier in the episode “Lights, Camera, Action” despite that episode airing before “Forever Friends" in the original run.
    • This was because “Lights Camera Action” was supposed to be the 100th episode of Power Rangers which is why it was almost entirely a clip-show. Due to "The Power Transfer" fiasco, Fox Kids butchered the airing order of the episode and it ended up becoming the ninety-third episode instead.


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