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"Stego Fury, Black Ranger!"
―Roll call

Javier "Javi" Garcia is a musician and the step-brother of Izzy who becomes the second Dino Fury Black Ranger, and the second Black Ranger of the Dino Fury Rangers.

Character History

Becoming Power Rangers

"Are you... Am I... Are we the...?"
―Javi and Izzy in unison after morphing for the first time.[src]

Zayto, Ollie, and Amelia meet Javi at the BuzzBlast who decided to apply for the job when Jane assigned him and Zayto for interviews. Javi went to the Pine Ridge Museum to report about the mysterious Nephrite Orb, but his interview is cut short when Boomtower, Mucus and Draknarok arrived in the museum to take the Orb. Mucus then takes the Orb and leaves with Boomtower and Draknarok. Javi immediately made a report to the Ranger Hotline about the attack.

Javi and Izzy first morph

Javi would then take the Orb during the Rangers' first fight against Boomtower and Draknarok and make an escape in his father's patrol car, not knowing that Mucus had hitched a ride on the vehicle.

When Javi arrived at his secret spot, he was ambushed by Boomtower and Draknarok (who had been informed by Mucus), until he was saved by Izzy and the Rangers. Javi and Izzy managed to retrieve the Orb. He then used his harmonica to stop Boomtower and Draknarok from destroying the Rangers, causing them to be distracted by the sound.

Javi then decided to destroy the Orb when Boomtower demand it back by throwing it to nearby rock, revealing both Black and Green Dino Fury Keys. Both Javi and Izzy turned into the Power Rangers and joined Red, Blue and Pink Rangers to fight Boomtower and Draknarok.

Javi and Izzy in the command center.png

While Boomtower escaped, Javi, Izzy and the other three Rangers joined forces to defeat Draknarok in the Megazord battle. After the battle, Javi and Izzy were brought by Zayto to meet their mentor, where they also learned that Zayto is a knight from Rafkon. Javi then realized that the Nephrite Orb is already destroyed and therefore lost the only means to complete his report.

Javi and Zayto later meet up with Jane, with Zayto apologizing that both of them could not complete their stories. Javi tries to explain about what happened, but Jane interrupted him by saying that due to his dedication and guts, he got the job at BuzzBlast. Javi is then told by Jane to make his first official story about Pine Ridge's best hamburger, with the others following suit. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

He supports Izzy when she enters a foot race.

He's upset and unwilling to open up when his father takes away his keytar. Eventually, he realizes that he awoke the Stego Spike Zord with his music, so he plays his whistle to awaken it again, and it arrives in time to help out.

He becomes the first victim of Tombtress's Mood Blast, which causes him to cry uncontrollably.



Javi is a free-spirited individual who enjoys playing music and sometimes a silent type. Since his father doesn't approve of his music skills, he mostly finds it hard to play music anywhere. But regardless, he is dedicated and full of guts and is willing to help anyone in any way possible.

Dino Fury Black

Dino Fury Black Ranger

This is Javi's primary Ranger form that was granted by the use of the Black Dino Fury Key. It is based on a Stegosaurus.



Appearance: Dino Fury Episodes 4-11

Dino Fury Black Ranger Shield Dino Key

The Shield Dino Key allows Javi to become invulnerable to any form of attack.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 5, 7

Dino Fury Black Ranger Flare Dino Key

The Flare Dino Key allows Javi to produce a powerful flash of light.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 9

Dino Fury Black Ranger Hyper Dino Key

The Hyper Dino Key allows Javi to unleash a powerful roaring attack and increase his attacking power, as well as slash energy crescents freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 11

Behind the Scenes

"Javi is a free-spirited musician who can be quiet at times, focusing his energy on his creative process and artistic endeavors. Though he loves music, he can’t settle on any one style or instrument. His step-sister, Izzy, is his biggest supporter and the most important person in his life.[1]"
―Official description from PR website.[src]



  • With Izzy mentioning that the park warden is her stepfather, it would mean that he is Javi's biological father.
  • Javi is so far the only Ranger to use the Ranger Hotline to report a Sporix Beast, though Javi reported Boomtower, Draknarok and Mucus before he and his sister became the Black and Green Rangers respectively later in the episode "New Recruits."
  • Javi is also currently the last Ranger out of the core five to utilize a Boost Key.
  • Power Rangers showrunner Simon Bennett confirmed via his Instagram that Javi will gain access to the American counterpart of the Doshin Armor, unlike his counterpart who never gained access to the Doshin Armor and DoshinSoul through the series.[2]


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