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Jason David Frank (September 4, 1973) is an American actor and martial artist most noted and famous for playing Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers from 1993-1997, in 2004, in 2014, and again in 2018 totaling 242 episode appearances. He also plays the feature film incarnation of the same character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. He was born in Covina, California, and lives in Atascocita, Texas.

Martial arts


Frank is a 6th Degree Black Belt as of 2004 with more than a total of 25 years experience in the martial arts. He is an internationally recognized and award winning instructor who was a nationally rated competitor from 1988 to 1990. In 1990, he won the prestigious Grand Champion title at the Las Vegas Winter Nationals, and in 1994, he was inducted into The Black Belt Hall of Fame by the American Karate and Kung Fu Federation.

Most recently, on June 28, 2003, bearing the title of Kyoshi, he was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as Master of the Year "American Karate."[1]

With his knowledge of many different styles of martial arts, Jason David Frank collected the most practical applications, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own blend of American karate, "Toso Kune Do".

Kyoshi Frank is the President and CEO of the R.S.K.A. Frank has also opened his own dojo, known as Rising Sun Karate, where he teaches his own Karate and kickboxing while his wife, Tammie, teaches karate to adult women.

His nickname in kickboxing is "Fearless Frank".


Jason David Frank has recently showed interest in Mixed Martial Arts. Frank was scheduled to fight against Ron 'The Badger' McMasters on June 23, 2007 at the Williamson County Pavilion in Marion[1]. The fight never took place, however, as the rules were changed to an exhibition boxing match. Frank opted out due to his belief that the fight would be commissioned under MMA rules instead of strictly fists.[2]

A day after Phil Brooks (better known as the WWE wrestler CM Punk) announced his UFC arrival, and Dana White reasoned that he would need a debut opponent with a similar record, Frank offered his services through Instagram and Facebook.[2] Frank has a 4-0 amateur record and 1-0 pro record.

All 5 of the wins in his undefeated streak during 2010 within the United states occurred during the first round. They are as follows:

  1. Jonathan Mack on January 30 at Lonestar Beatdown: Houston (in Texas) via omaplata submission
  2. Chris Rose on February 19 at Lonestar Beatdown: Dallas (in Texas) via TKO from strikes
  3. James Willis on May 8 at Texas Rage In The Cage: Cage Rage 7 (in McAllen) via rising knee KO
  4. Carlos Horn on May 22 at UWC 8: Judgement Day (in Fairfax, Virginia) via armbar submission
  5. Jose Vasquez on August 4 at Texas Cage Fighting - Puro Combate 1 (in Houston) via rear naked choke submission

The first two 'Lonestar Beatdown' events were hosted by the United States Amateur Combat Association.



Film Year Portraying
Power Rangers 2017 Angel Grove citizen
Fall Guy: The John Stewart Story 2007 John Stewart
Paris 2003 Chad (uncredited)
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie 1997 Tommy Oliver - Red Turbo Ranger
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie 1995 Tommy Oliver - White Power Ranger/Ninja Ranger


Television program Year Portraying
We Bare Bears[3] 2018 Silver Bear (guest voice role; Episode: Imaginary Friend)
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel 2018 Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger/White Ranger/Zeo Ranger 5/Black Dino Ranger
Power Rangers HyperForce 2018 Tommy Oliver/Black Dino Ranger, Lord Drakkon
Power Rangers Super Megaforce 2014 Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger, White Ranger
Toy Hunter 2014 Himself
Heroes of Cosplay


2013 Reality TV series Himself (1 episode)
Ultimate Goals 2005 TV Series Himself
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder 2004 TV Series Dr. Tommy Oliver/Black Dino Ranger
Fighting Spirit 2004 voice of MMPR Green Ranger/White Ranger/Zeo Ranger 5
Power Rangers: Wild Force 2002 TV Series Tommy Oliver/Zeo Ranger 5
The Residents of Washington Heights (unaired) 2002 TV Series Dr. Blaine Peterson
MTV's Undressed 1999 TV Series Carl (2000: Season 3)
Magic Parker (unaired) Karate Sensei
Power Rangers: Turbo 1997 TV Series Tommy Oliver/Red Turbo Ranger I
Sweet Valley High
A Star Is Torn 1996 A.J.
Shakes, Fries & Videotape 1996 A.J.
Lofty Ambitions 1996 A.J.
Rock Around the Block 1996 A.J.
Family Matters
Karate Kids 1996 Skull
Power Rangers: Zeo 1996 TV Series Tommy Oliver/Zeo Ranger 5
It Came from Angel Grove 1996 Tomacula
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 1995/1996 Tommy Oliver/White Ranger
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 1994/1995 Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger/White Ranger Tom Oliver/Clone Green Ranger White Stranger/ Wild West White Ranger.
Cybertron (unaired) 1994 Adam Steele
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 1993/1994 Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger


Archive Footage


  • Appeared in the most Power Rangers episodes: 257 character appearances and 242 actual appearances.
    • Due to this, he appears in the most seasons, with a total of nine: All three Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Super Megaforce, and Super Ninja Steel. Tommy also appears in one episode of "S.P.D." but he was not portrayed by Jason David Frank in that episode.
    • He's also one of the only two actors to appear in all 3 theatrical Power Rangers movies, the other being his former co-star, Amy Jo Johnson.
    • Of the 242 actual appearances, he's not an active Ranger in only 7: Doomsday, Missing Green, the first four episodes of Dino Thunder, and Power Rangers (2017) (the last one being his only appearance while not playing Tommy).
  • He enjoys parachuting and skydiving.
  • In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Pine Boards Broke While in Free Fall" by breaking seven pine boards while skydiving on January 17th, 2013.
  • He is one of two Power Rangers actors whose older brothers guest starred in a series as the brother of his character (in this case, Erik Frank playing Tommy's brother David Trueheart), the other being Pua Magasiva who portrayed Shane Clarke in Ninja Storm, whose brother Robbie Magasiva played Shane's brother Porter. Coincidentally, both actors would meet in the Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm two-part team-up episode Thunder Storm.
    • Coincidentally, one real-life brother out of both families would later pass away; Erik Frank died of an unspecified illness in 2001, and Pua Magasiva would commit suicide in 2019.
    • As a result of his brother's death, he was absent at former co-star Thuy Trang's funeral in 2001, but nonetheless sent his condolences to Thuy's family and friends. All of the other Rangers' actors attended the funeral, and Amy Jo Johnson gave a eulogy.
  • Is the longest appearing Power Ranger actor, with Amy Jo the longest actress.
  • Jason is a fan of new metal and rap music, his favorites including Korn and the late Tupac Shakur.
  • He has residences in both Los Angeles and Houston.
  • He has married twice: Shawna (1994-2001) Tammie (2002-present).
  • 4 kids: Jacob (1993), Hunter (1995), Skye (1998) (all 3 from former wife Shawna), and Jenna Rae (2005) (from wife Tammie).
  • His first son Jacob Frank played Baby Jacob Anderson in the 3 parter "The Ninja Encounter"
  • Out of the 5 Rangers he has been, Jason Frank said the Green Dragon Ranger is his favorite.
  • His favorite Power Ranger villain is Ivan Ooze.
  • His least favorite episode is "Another Song and Dance" from Zeo.
  • His favorite monster is Leaky Faucet from Zeo.
  • He continues watching the series.
  • His favorite Power Rangers series is Mighty Morphin.
  • He cut his long hair because it was too hot to have it.
  • He is one of eight Forever Red guest stars to reprise his role after that episode, the other seven being Austin St John, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Selwyn Ward, Danny Slavin, Sean Cw Johnson, and Jason Faunt.
  • His character has met the most number of Power Rangers from MMPR to Super Ninja Steel, albeit only without unmorphing in SPD. This includes 16 different teammates. First, he teamed with the original five from the first season, and a combined seven until Turbo: Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kat, Tanya, Trey of Triforia and Justin Stewart. He later recruits three Dino Thunder Rangers, and also works with the fourth Dino Thunder Ranger. He also meets the Alien Rangers, his Turbo successors, all of the other Red Rangers he had not already known until Wild Force, then six Ninja Storm Rangers, seven SPD Rangers, every Ranger that appeared in Legendary Battle, 1 Dino Charge Ranger, six Hyper Force Rangers, and then six Ninja Steel Rangers, making it a total of 127 Rangers.
  • Following his original exit from the series during Power Rangers Turbo, Jason David Frank had since gotten numerous tattoos over his entire arms and chest. Due to this, any return appearances he would make in the Power Rangers franchise require him to wear clothing that hides his tattoos, such as long-sleeve shirts and jackets.
  • Jason David Frank is often compared to Sentai actor, Hiroshi Miyauchi. In addition to both actors being considered legends among the fandom, they also have the following in common:
    • Both were a part of the original teams of their respective franchises.
    • Both became White Rangers after their initial appearances (Jason David Frank being the Green Ranger and Hiroshi Miyauchi being Aoranger) and became the leaders of their respective teams.
    • Both have also appeared as Tokusatsu heroes outside of Power Rangers and Super Sentai, with Jason David Frank appearing as Adam Steele in the Cybertron pilot (along with Richard Rabago playing Tao) and Hiroshi Miyauchi appearing as Kamen Rider V3 and Zubat.
    • Both returned in a mentor role. Jason David Frank returned as Tommy in Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Hiroshi Miyauchi in Choriki Sentai Ohranger, in which Tommy was the Red Ranger in it's American counterpart, Power Rangers Zeo.
  • The role of Len in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight almost went to JDF, but instead went to Matt Mullens, due to the fact the producers didn't want viewers to think Kamen Rider and Power Rangers coexisted in the same world.

    The Lucky Draw Saba Sword.

  • Jason David Frank appeared on the Toy Hunter from the Travel Channel. He was featured on the 11th episode "90s Flashback" of the 3rd season in which while attending the Wizard World Portland Comic-Con, he bought from Jordan Hembrough the Lucky Draw Saba Sword from Japan (which is considered a holy grail of Power Rangers toys) for $1,200.00.

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