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Jangeran (怪鳥ジャンゲラン Kaichō Jangeran) is a two-headed dragon-like steed used by Queen Ahames during her period in assisting the Gozma invasion.

Character History

Jangeran is first used by Ahames during the period where she starts a major assault with her Space Beast squadron to obtain the Rigel Aura from Rigelian Nana, flying her around and giving her a greater stance of majesty as she ultimately gained the power-up and became the Gozma's leader.Ep. 32: Nana! Dangerous Reunion She continued to use Jangeran to ride into combat, even after she ultimately loses the command once again with the return and upgrade of General Giluke into Super Giluke.

Near the final stages of the Gozma invasion, Giluke is given the authority by Star King Bazeu to turn the invasion fleet into Space Beasts. Not even Jangeran could escape from this, as it is ultimately taken and made by the Gozma commander into two separate assisting space beasts: Jan and Geran.


  • Aside from its ability to fly, Jangeran has two-heads that fire elemental attacks: one head fires fire, the other ice.



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