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"We have a weekend? I have no idea."
―Jane's first words after Amelia asks her about her weekend[src]

Jane Fairview is the editor-in-chief at BuzzBlast in Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Character History

Jane is first seen chatting with Amelia as they report for work at BuzzBlast. She initially refuses to let Amelia do a story about Dino Henge, but soon relents, advising her to report about it as a landmark, and not focus on the supernatural aspects.

When J-Borg is delivered to BuzzBlast, Jane introduces her as her new assistant, who will take her place when she retires.

Jane and J-Borg go to see Madame Indigo for a reading. Jane is duped into thinking she has genuine psychic powers, and walks around the fairgrounds blindfolded, bumping into things, narrowly avoiding quick-drying cement, and accidentally ending up on a school bus.

When both Zayto and Javi apply for jobs at BuzzBlast, Jane offers them a challenge. Whoever comes up with the best story will get the job. Zayto's assignment is to interview Izzy, and Javi's to report about the Nephrite Orb at the museum. Although neither of them meet the deadlines for their stories, Jane gives the job to Javi because of the courage he displayed in protecting the Nephrite Orb from the villains.

Jane and J-Borg are terrorized by Brineblast, first when they lecture kids about when to call the Ranger Hotline, and later, when they're looking at a billboard with the Hotline's number on it. They escape by hiding in a dumpster that begins moving, and get a ticket for crashing into a police car.

Jane and J-Borg are part of the crowd that listens to Javi playing his new keytar. They go away after Warden Garcia disperses the crowd, and confiscates the keytar. Back at BuzzBlast, they begin dancing when Javi plays the new keytar his team mates bought him. Jane ends up laughing when J-Borg accidentally breaks the water main under the building.

Jane bakes a huge cake, but is distraught when Mick turns himself into a basketball and destroys it after J-Borg catches him using one of BuzzBlast's computers.

Jane and J-Borg spot a Sporix Cell at a city fountain while throwing coins into it, and even see the villains, but are unable to call the Ranger Hotline as a result of the launching of Void Knight's balloon.

Jane shows off a collar that can make whoever wears it become and act like a cat. She ends up looking for J-Borg after the latter tries on the collar, and runs from a dog. She eventually finds J-Borg in an alley, taking discarded fish from a trash can.

Jane hires Pop-Pop to fix her air conditioner, but he makes it too cool, then too hot, and then as cold as the Arctic, leading Jane to challenge him to a snowball fight.

Jane and J-Borg demonstrate a Cyber Coach, which is programmed to provide towels and water during workouts, but it works too well, giving Jane too much water, and throwing dozens of towels at her.

Jane and J-Borg are only seen briefly at BuzzBlast, decorating for the Halloween dance.

Jane reprimands Javi for not meeting the deadline for a story, and then sends him to cover a storm that's brewing in the bay. When he and Ollie return, Jane introduces Mr. Whiz, who offers a laptop Ollie wants to whoever can guess the exact number of gumballs in a jar. Later, when a jealous J-Borg puts several gumballs in her mouth in order to break the record for blowing the biggest bubble, Jane warns her those gumballs aren't meant for androids, but J-Borg ignores her, and blows an unusually large bubble. However, it pops, and gets gum all over her and Jane.

Jane and J-Borg go to Neptune Beach, where Jane encourages J-Borg to try ice cream, even though the android isn't programmed to eat anything. After a near-accident caused by J-Borg's brain freeze, they see Aiyon save the day, and decide to interview him live. J-Borg later tells Jane about a beach party to celebrate the Power Rangers. Thinking it's because of their live interview, Jane decides that she and J-Borg check out how many views the video has.


Unlike the stereotypical boss, Jane is friendly and outgoing, and has great respect for her staff. She's also gullible, as shown when she truly believes she has psychic powers after getting a "reading" from Madame Indigo.

Behind the Scenes


She is portrayed by Kira Josephson who is also the voice of Tombtress.


  • Jane and J-Borg are similar to Bulk and Skull from Mighty Morphin, Marah and Kapri from Ninja Storm, Cassidy and Devin from Dino Thunder, Spike from Samurai, Victor and Monty from Ninja Steel and Betty and Ben from Beast Morphers in their use of comic relief.
  • Kira Josephson revealed via Instagram Jane's last name to be "Fairview," which hasn't been heard on screen as of yet.


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