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Jan (ジャン Jan) is one of two Space Beasts created from the creature Jangeran to serve the Great Star League Gozma alongside Geran

Character History

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One of two Space Beasts created from the body of Jangeran, Ahames' bird-like steed. Jan is orange in color, yet fires ice breath from his mouth that freezes anything hit by it instantly and can even withstand the warmth of Change Phoenix. Fighting with fellow Space Beast Geran, Jan ends up accidentally disabling his partner after a fake-out attack before being destroyed by the Power Bazooka. After Gyodai rebuilds him, Jan freezes Change Robo, but it escapes with it's full power before destroying him with the Dengeki-ken.Ep. 50: The Day Gozma Trembled


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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