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"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. First of all... What's a bloody Power Ranger?"
―Jamie asks Zordon what exactly is she getting into[src]
"Please... Please..."
―Jamie's final terrified words before being crushed to death[src]

Jamie Gilmore was the Black Ranger of a Power Rangers team formed in 1969.[1] She is an original character to the Boom! Studios Power Rangers comics.

Character History

Jamie was a British singer and songwriter who was part of a band called The Familiars. She was chosen by Zordon to be the Black Mighty Morphin Ranger in 1969.

Jaime is crushed to death.

She was tragically killed and was the first Ranger on her team to die. Psycho Green lifted a large Moon boulder after she was knocked down and threw it, despite her pleading in fear for him not to, she was crushed to death under the boulder. After the surviving two Rangers returned, Zordon honored Jamie's service, he then teleported her body back to the Command Center and reclaimed the Mastodon Power Coin from her body. Zordon realized his failure in not properly training his new team by rushing them into combat after being yelled at by Terona and Grace, who were traumatized by the events.

Black Ranger

Black Ranger



  • Jamie is one of the first original female Black Rangers in Power Rangers, coincidentally debuting concurrently with Vesper of Power Rangers HyperForce.
    • Jamie is the second female Black Ranger due to Vesper making her first appearance the day before in the Power Rangers HyperForce live stream on Twitch.
    • If fans consider technicalities, Jamie is the third female Black Ranger and Vesper is second, as a female alternate universe version of Zack Taylor appeared in the Power Rangers 2017 Annual comic story "Forever Mighty Morphin Black", months before either were created.
  • Jamie's Black Ranger suit does not include a skirt, similar to Trini's Yellow Ranger suit lacking a skirt unlike Kimberly's Pink Ranger suit.


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