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"Kaitou Gat-time!"
―Jackpot Striker's call for forming LupinRex[src]

Jackpot Striker (ジャックポットストライカー Jakkupotto Sutoraikā)[1], or "Jack" by Kairi is another sentient piece of the Lupin Collection, a mecha that is the core piece to form LupinRex. His code is 7-7-7.[2][3] He is a redeco of GoodStriker, and as such retains similar, if not entirely the same, functions of GoodStriker.


―summoning announcement via VS Changer[src]

Jackpot Striker is the second sentient part of the Lupin Collection, and was brought to life possiby from Arsene Lupin's wish. He is the second VS Vehicle to have a Dial Fighter and Trigger Machine form for both configurations of the VS Changer. He has two primary functions: activate a Kaitou Boost for a finisher, and grow big to form either Giant Robo of both teams.

When used as a Kaitou Boost with the code 7-7-7, Jackpot Striker fuses the three Lupinrangers into Lupin Tricolor for the finisher, a supercharged golden blast from the VS Changer with Jackpot Striker called the One Shot Strike, which destroys the foe in a enormous golden explosion.

Unlike other Lupin Collection pieces, due to being sentient, Jackpot Striker can control a Gangler once inside the target's safe, instead of the other way around.


Jackpot Striker escaped from the Gangler but was unable to leave their world until he met Kairi Yano and Keiichiro Asaka who were also trapped there. They together infiltrated the Gangler Mansion and engaged Goche Ru Medou. After a short battle, they were able to open her safe and put Jackpot Striker inside, and forced her to open a portal back to the human world. The Lupinrangers then used Jackpot Striker to unintentionally combine into Lupin Tricolor and, along with Patren Ugou destroyed Herlock Sholmes and Wilson. When the Gangler monsters grew, Jackpot combined with Dial Fighters into LupinRex to fight and destroy them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film Afterward, Jackpot Striker went missing.

Sometimes after the defeat and arrest of Dogranio Yaboon, Jackpot was found by a new team of phantom thieves and was sent through the Lupin Collection Book to the Lupinrangers trapped inside of Dogranio's safe. From there, he controlled Dogranio's body and forcefully released the Lupinrangers. At the end of the series, Jackpot Striker was with the Lupinrangers when they revealed themselves to the Patrangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 51: I'm Sure I'll See You Again

Kaitou Gattai LupinRex

"Complete! LupinRex!"
―announcement after completing transformation[src]

Kaitou Gattai LupinRex (快盗合体ルパンレックス Kaito Gattai Rupan Rekkusu, Thief Combination Gentleman Thief King) is the second Giant Robo of the Lupinrangers. The formation of the first three Dial Fighters and Jackpot Striker. LupinRex can use the Jackpot Blade, and the Yellow Dial Fighter's buzzsaw. The saw can even fire energy buzzsaws at the opponent. The combination also manifests an cape made from energy versions of its shoulder pylons, which can fire energized doubles for attacks. The combination's sword style - unlike LupinKaiser Knight - is more akin to a fencer, hinting towards the french origin of the Lupin Collection.

LupinRex's finisher is the Lupin & Pat's Freedom Slash (ルパン&パッツフリーダムスラッシュ Rupan & pattsu furīdamu surasshu); where LupinRex's power is focused into the Jackpot Blade, while PatKaiser's power is into Trigger Machine 3gou's baton before charging at the enemy as LupinRex and PatKaiser simultaneously cross attack the enemy.

This combination is exclusive to Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film.

Additional Formations

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Behind the scenes



  • The Jackpot Striker's Dial Code (7-7-7) is a reference to the number 777 (jackpot number on slot machines) and the superstition that 7 is a lucky number in some parts of the world.
  • Although the Jackpot Striker was tooled to only work with the Dial Fighters, it is shown that it can also combine with the Trigger Machines, albeit without the extra pieces.

Dial Fighters, Trigger Machines, and X Trains combined with Jackpot Striker

  • Just like GoodStriker with Good Cool Kaiser VSX, the toy version of Jackpot Striker is also able to combine Dial Fighters, Trigger Machines, and X Trains into single giant robot combination.
  • The crown of Jackpot Striker is also same as GoodStriker's crown as it is slightly recolored. The actual crown on his dial, however, is a new piece.
  • Jackpot Striker grants the Lupinrangers a fusion Super Ranger form with Lupin Tricolor, serving the same function as GoodStriker does to the Patrangers.



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