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The Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur (ジャックオーランタンマイナソー Jakkuōrantan Mainasō) is a jack-o'-lantern-themed Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon, created from the negative emotions of a random Drunn Soldier.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Hatred Absorption: By using its candy, the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur can remove people's hatred and collect them as a black cloud.
    • Hatred Inducement: The Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur can cast the accumulated hatred onto people from the black cloud as rainbow-colored rain.
  • Limited Flight: Through its Halloweenbrella when open, the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur can levitate from the ground and flow alongside the wind currents.
  • Lightning Bolts: Through its Halloweenbrella when closed, the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur can cast purple-colored lightning bolts from the tip.


  • Halloweenbrella (ハロウィンブレラ Harowinburera): The Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur wields a pumpkin-decorated umbrella that allows it to fly when open and cast purple lightning when closed.
  • Candy basket: The Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur wields a basket containing myriad of candy that can absorb people's hatred and collect them in a black cloud.
  • Staff: The Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur wields a long staff for combat.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Vegetable Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Hatred Dark Cloud
  • Experience Point: 831

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

Shen Minosaur

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