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"I'm leaving now!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Jack-in-the-box Shadow (ジャックインザボックスシャドー Jyaku in za bokkusu Shadō) is a Shadow Monster that appears in the Episode 20 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.


concept art

Character History

Jack-in-the-box Shadow is a Shadow Creep in service to Grita armed with the Cuckoo Clock Door (鳩時計系ドア Hatodokei-kei Doa) from which he can fire an energy beam and the Juggling Clubs (ジャグリング系棍棒 Jaguringu-kei Konbō) as hand-held weapons. He is sent out by her to gather darkness on behalf of General Schwartz. He delights in using his wacky illusions to make people laugh, as, anyone who laughs in his presence will then be sprung into the air, thereby creating "a hell of laughter." Anyone in his presence who laughs is subject to this, even other Shadow Line members, like Grita, and himself.

Jack-in-the-box Shadow would then be brought back as a ghost, or rather, a copy by Tombstone Shadow, alongside Fence Shadow and Pin Spot Shadow to back him up in his giant battle against the ToQgers. He was destroyed again by Diesel-Oh's Diesel Missiles. Station 39: The Beginning of the End


  • ID Number: Gu Ha 12985-20
  • Station Building: Oowarai
  • Motif: Jack-in-the-box/pigeon
  • Height: 198 cm(43.6m: giant)
  • Weight: 186 kg(409.2t: giant)
  • "Oowarai" is the portmanteau of "Laugh" and Arai (新井), a railway station in the Niigata Prefacture.

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