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"They don't stand a chance here."
―Jabberon in Hayley Foster's body[src]
"That shape shifter tricked us!"
―Jabberon’s last words before her death[src]

Jabberon was a glasses-themed monster and was one of the Gruesome Grunts who switched bodies with Hayley on Halloween before being put on trial in the Halloween Intergalactic Court.

Character History

Once Versix gets caught, he admits to switching the bodies, in reality it's Mick Kanic, disguised as Versix. When the Court Witch switches their bodies back, she is vaporised by the Jack-O’Lantern Judges.


She is flighty and overconfident but can be assertive at times when needed.

Powers and Abilities

It is unknown what her powers at the times since she was never have been shown to fight on screen.

Behind the Scenes



  • Similar to Snow Fright, Jabberon is a female monster whose Sentai counterpart is also female.
  • No Sentai footage of her counterpart was used but her counterpart's plan to turn the mecha evil was used by Cosmo Royale in the episode Grave Robber .
    • The reason no Sentai footage was used and why she appears exclusively in American footage is because her counterpart's scheme was to hypnotize the unmorphed male Rangers into signing a hypnotic contract.


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