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"Hey, Carranger guys! Come over here!"
―JJ Jetton

JJ Jetton (ジェージェージェットン JēJē Jetton, 16) was the Bowzock's best wrestler. He was also described as the dumbest of the Bowzock's Gorotsuki. He was randomly picked out to undertake newcomer Instructor Ritchihiker's consultation services.


Jetton was introduced as a regular on the Baribarian bar, and was typically seen drinking or alongside the other Bowzock as they schemed for Earth's destruction. However, he would later be used in the first scheme by Instructor Ritchihiker to eliminate the Carrangers. The plan involved Jetton being used to pose as a student of Ritchihiker, who claimed that he was a scholar who "rehabilitated former Bowzock members to re-integrate them into proper society". This, however, was a ruse to trick the Carrangers into lowering their guard, hoping to lure them to a "graduation party" where Ritchihiker would offer them with the poisoned wine. Thankfully, Signalman (already aware of Ritchihiker's true nature) put a very fast stop to the plan, exposing Ritchihiker's true nature before they unknowingly drank the wine containing the poison. A fight resulted, with Jetton shedding his disguise and fighting the Carrangers, until they used the Auto Blasters to take him out. Enlarged by eating imo-youkan, Jetton battled Sirender and overwhelmed it before RV Robo rescued their ally. Following a combination of the Plugnado Spark and the Siren Flash from both RV Robo and Sirender, the RV Robo explosively put him down with the Reckless Dash Cutter.

Enlarged JJ Jetton in his real clothes


JJ Jetton is described as the stupidest member of the Bowzock, as demonstrated when Ritchihiker looks for someone to carry out his scheme: upon asking the patrons of the BB Saloon the value of 1+1, Jetton answers 3 instead of 2. This is how Jetton ends up roped into Ritchihiker's scheme. Despite this, he does end up learning certain history topics, and when discovered by the Carrangers, he successively convinces them that he is indeed learning (which he probably actually is). But he prefers to use his brawns instead of his brains, as when Ritchihiker and Jetton are exposed, Jetton chooses to jump right into battle.

JJ Jetton was chosen to be part of Ritchihiker's first plan. Ritchihiker posed as a professor running a reform school for ex-Bowzock members, to convince Carrangers that JJ left the Bowzock and was trying to turn his life around. However the plan is jeopardized by Signalman, who once arrested Ritchihiker on a minor charge. Fearing that he'd recognize him, Ritchihiker attempted to kill Signalman by luring him into a trap and blowing him to pieces with bombs. After that, Ritchihiker invites the Carrangers to a party to celebrate Jetton's rehabilitation from the Bowzock, which is actually a trap for the Carrangers, as he has poisoned the wine. The plan only fails due to Signalman surviving Ritchihiker's trap and showing up in time to stop the Carrangers from drinking poison. However, it is notable that Jetton, during the time that he was posing as Ritchihiker's student, that he may actually have an affinity for learning, as evidence when studying a history topic. His acting skills are also to spoken of, as he draws the Carrangers in by acting as if he is a reformed member of society. But when the act drops, he resorts to simply using brute strength. He is even strong enough to lock Signalman's Sirender in a wrestling move, showing his prodigious strength. However, he lacks any other form of fighting other than his physical prowess, minus the ability to fire lasers from his glasses.

Powers and Abilities


  • Laser Beam: He can lasers from his sunglasses.


  • Wrestling: Due to being a best wrestler, he is good at wrestling.


  • Stupidity: JJ Jetton is described as the stupidest member of the Bowzock, as demonstrated when Ritchihiker looks for someone to carry out his scheme: upon asking the patrons of the BB Saloon the value of 1+1, Jetton answers 3 instead of 2.


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Behind the Scenes



JJ Jetton's design is based on a hippopotamus and a punk.

Concept Art


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  • JJ Jetton was the only bar member who was never adapted for Power Rangers Turbo whilst all of the bar patrons all were adapted and ultimately killed.



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