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"Hey, Carranger guys! Come over here!"
―JJ Jetton
GSC-JJ Jetton v2

Enlarged JJ Jetton in his real clothes

JJ Jetton (ジェージェージェットン JēJē Jetton, 16)

Character History

Bowzock's best wrestler, also described as the Bowzock's dumbest Gorotsuki. He is one of the regulars at the Baribarian's bar and typically seen drinking or alongside the other Bowzock as they scheme for Earth's destruction.

Randomly picked out to undertake Ritchihiker's consultation services, he is used in a scheme to eliminate the Carrangers by having him being used to show Ritchihiker's abilities to improve the Bowzock into being better members of society, trick the Carrangers into lowering their guard, and ultimately leading to Ritchihiker to poison them. Signalman (already aware of Ritchihiker's true nature) stop this, exposing the scheme, as Jetton fights the Carrangers, until they use the Auto Blasters on him. Enlarged by eating imo-youkan, Jetton battles Sirender and RV Robo until the latter uses the Gekisou Slice on him.


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Modus and Arsenal

JJ was chosen to be part of Ritchihiker's first plan. He posed as a professor running a reform school for ex-Bowzock members to convince Carrangers that JJ left Bowzock and trying to turn his life around. However the plan is jeopardized by Signalman who arrested Ritchihiker once on a minor charge and feared he'd recognize him. They try to kill Signalman by luring him into a trap and killing him with bombs. After that Ritchihiker invites the Carrangers to a party to celebrate JJ reform from the Bowzock during that he plans to poison them. But the plan fails with Signalman who actually survive shows up. JJ then use his wrestling skill but ends up geting killed.



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Behind the Scenes

  • JJ Jetton is the only member of the typical Gorotsuki bar members to have an actual name, being the only one used in a Bowzock scheme (four others fought as members of SS Pamaan's Boso Sentai Zokuranger); he is also the only bar regular to be killed in the series (all the others, from his typical patrons to the Bowzock leaders, survived the season)
    • In an ironic twist, JJ Jetton was never adapted for Power Rangers while the bar patrons all were adapted and ultimately killed.
  • Perhaps the reason JJ Jetton wasn't adapted in Power Rangers was that his appearance resembled that of blackface, an infamously stereotypical African American caricature, something audiences might find racially offensive. 
  • His motif is a hippopotamus and a punk.


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